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  1. Happy Birthday sark021!

  2. Happy Birthday sark021!

  3. Happy Birthday sark021!

  4. Happy Birthday sark021!

  5. Happy Birthday sark021!

  6. Didn't think to get before and after shots now that you mention it, but before it was like the classic warm yellowy filament glow and now it is a cool white/blue colour which kinda looks ummm, you know....cool. I have to say that it is more obvious because I have white number plates with black lettering. Don't know how effective they are with other colour plates.
  7. Decided recently to continue replacing as many of the filament globes with LEDs around the car and this time got as far as the number plate lights. Bought 5 point white LEDs for this but found that the overall circumference of the globe wouldn't go into the hole of the housing which holds the T10 wedge socket in place. What to do? Could buy 10mm dia. LEDs but these are usually single point and might not have enough illumination. Anyway, after a while I thought that if I could create an access hole in the lamp housing, I could then leave the socket in place and pull out and push in globes at will. Anyways, this approached worked. Sorry if this has been dealt with before somewhere, or whether is doesn't take a genius to work this modification out, however I thought I might post some pictures in case anyone has a similar issue with getting over-sized LEDs into the number plate light housing. Used a hack saw to make the slots right down to the diffuser. Gently ripped them out with long nose pliers. Left about 10-12mm of housing in place at the socket end.
  8. Had my tyres done as well and was told the same thing. But, couldn't live without shiny tyres so looked around for a product without silicon and stuff. As I was already using some of the CHEMICAL GUYS products (which are brilliant), I ordered their Black Forever Gel which is a water based product. Not as shiny as the silicon stuff, but rather gives the tyres a "as new" satin look which kinda looks awesome. Seems to last pretty well between applications (using a foam applicator) and I hope it will be "soft" on the red walls over time.
  9. Small Groove then fill with paint.
  10. Had the tyres done over with red walls recently. At the time I thought it would be a really cool things to do and would look fine. Trouble is....does it? When I emailed a work friend some pictures he thinks it looks s**t (mind you this is from a bloke that drives a VW Golf!). He thinks it looks a bit too ricey. Can you guys give me an honest opinion. Too late to go back now (unless of course I ditch the Dunlop 3000As for a new set of Goodyear Eagle F1s. So what do you guys think??
  11. Bought a Meguiars orbital a while back. Didn't use it for a long time as I wasn't confident because I was always used to doing it by hand and was afraid of doing something wrong. Once I got the courage up, I too was disappointed with the result. But after playing around with it for quite a while, I found out the following: I was too conservative with the speed, bumping up the speed to 5 out of 6 was the way to go. Using a speed of say 3 was useless. Also, I was too conservative on the grade of pad as I was scared of too much abrasion. I need not have worried about that either. So with a higher speed, a higher grade of abrasive pad and a product like Scratch -X, the orbital did the trick and got the swirls out and left a very clean smooth finish. Then with a layer of good quality wax and your laughing. IMHO, I wasted way too much energy (and too little result) doing it by hand and the orbital is the way to go if you get the set-up right and a bit of patience. But for those who think that hand polish is the way to go - go ahead - I'm sure you will benefit from the exercise (remember Danielson: wax on, wax off!).
  12. Decided to invest in one of these ball valve drain plugs as I intend to change the oil quite regularly and thought it would be quicker and a lot less messier. So somewhere else in a forum that others have recommended them. Anyway, ordered the one for a Barra 4.0L 6cyl (Code: F-109) and tried to fit it today....and guess what....it doesn't fit! Wrong thread pitch or something (Murphy's law has it that this sort of thing always happens to me). Now, before I get severely bitter and twisted and send of an email to these guys, has anyone else had a similar problem and what was done about it? I have a n/a BFII XR6 and I'm sure that I purchased the right one according to their sizing chart. Did the sump plug thread change in the life of the 6cyl Barra motor or what??? Would like some feedback before I demand a refund or a replacement.
  13. I think you might be right....though I don't begrudge money spent on the Opera House. But as a new south welshman.....I can tell you 100% that they are not spending on the roads. The roads are pathetic, their management and upkeep are pathetic, and any decent road you want to use to get around this damn place you have to pay through the nose for in tolls. Where is all the money really going......someone tell me pleeeeeze!!!!!
  14. I didn't want my rant to be too long....but yeah I'm well aware of their new offices. What a waste of money. Now...I can understand some companies needing to be in the city like big law firms and multinationals as a city location provides a measure of prestige for them. But the RTA!!! They're just a bunch of friggin public servants. Whats wrong with head office in say Parramatta, Liverpool or Penrith. Oh no, can't do that, then the fat RTA cats won't get their harbour views and indulge in their latte sipping extended play lunches. We, the public are just biggest bunch of suckers ever. By the way...keeping an eye on Bangkcock. People power in action.....is that the only way to get rid of this darn pathetic and incompetent labor state government (sorry for the politics). Oh bye the way exarsixturbo, checked out the ACT site for plates and a personalised plate..say.....AA 123 costs $360.00 ONCE! In NSW that is the cost for first year only..then another $90.00...read again...$90.00 every year after that. They just keep shoving their dirty mitts into your pocket year after year! Money for jam! But I must admit, some of their other personalised plates are a definitely rip-off. And I forgot to mention, in ACT.....NO ANNUAL FEE!
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