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  1. Happy Birthday MRDOSE!

  2. Happy Birthday MRDOSE!

  3. Happy Birthday MRDOSE!

  4. Thought id add a few updated pics of my mazda and xr6t
  5. Thanks mate the ford was only just a quick one to get it back on the road while my Mazda was getting done, some bigger plans for the XR now lol
  6. Couple pics of my '08 BF xr6 turbo with a FG F6 conversion and my rx3 I've got some exterior mods in mind, maybe some nice wide 19s and lowered but that's about it really.
  7. Happy Birthday MRDOSE!

  8. Oh ok that's good to know! In that case I might just paint over the writing and core in silver and leave the rest polished..
  9. I've done some searching around but haven't really found the answer im after.. Is there any way to remove that ugly logo writing some companies leave on their intercoolers? I'm happy with my cooler and would like to keep it polished but I think it looks sh*t with the writing on it.. Being on the fins I'm guessing it wouldn't be easy to remove so what can I do besides painting it black? Can you maybe turn it around? It's not the easiest thing to replace either because it's a g6e engine in a BF so has custom piping
  10. Haha thanks mate, ive tried to keep the whole car black, red and white (interior on last page) nearly every single car has the bloody hex copie tail lights and are just looking sh*t now so I painted mine with all the other parts. It's hard to believe so much power can be produced from such a tiny engine, that and the sound is what first got me into them years ago.. it will be in hot4s soon
  11. A few updated pics on the car, what a difference between this my bf xr6 turbo!
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