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  1. Had a go at the drags this weekend, 2009 FG XR6T with 300rwkw tune road tyres dropped to 25psi on the rears and ZF 6 speed box. Got some clean runs in at 12.9 secs and TV's around 110-113mph but I know its got more in it. Couple of problems, "sport" mode didnt seem to do any better than normal drive......is that what you'd expect ? On a number of runs the gearbox or something seemed to do a big stall between 1-2 and 2-3 ...............must have cost half a second each time. Seemed to happen more often in sport mode. This is with 2 hrs between runs so hard to imagine its gearbox fluid temp ? A
  2. I went to get some new pads fitted and the mechanic said he couldn't get them on as the teflon ? tips to the brake pistons had warped. He suggested replacing with the steel ones used in the earlier models. This is on a 2009 xr6t with updgraded brakes - dba4000 ?....... the heat treated ones anyway slotted front rotors and standard dba slotted rotors on the rears. Don't recall the pads he got but some heavier duty than normal ones. Question is do I ; file down the originals ? replace with new teflon ones, or replace with steel ones from earlier model ? Experiences and opinions appreciated.
  3. I just got a quote from local ford agent to fix .............$665 for the shifter PCB and $1100 fitted. (that's NZ$ + 15% GST on top), Think I'll live with it !
  4. http://www.fordmods.com/post1345965.html?hilit=zf%20problem#p1345965
  5. Yeh I hear what you're saying but I found an excellent detailed explanation of the problem on the fordmods website. Something about little magnets attached to the shifter, and other people with the same issue so pretty sure its not oil related. Gearbox oIl cost is a bitch though - must be made from orca spleens caught by hand !
  6. According to my guy this is likely a gearbox / electrical problem and not unheard of for the ZF 6 speed auto. No-one else come accross it ???. Anyway its off to Mr Ford for hopefully a simple fix. Stu
  7. I have the sedan's (FG NA and then turbo). I use mine for work all the time and am allways impressed with how much sh*t you can get into them, the back seats fold down and there is a trap door to the boot so you almost have a ute with canopy anyway ! and then when it dosen't all fit they are also really good towing vehicles. Stu
  8. I thought about doing a conversion and ended up trading mine on a turbo like everyone says. No regrets but I would add that if are going to trade it in, and you have a need for speed, you should consider getting a turbo that someone has allready boosted up a bit - (although not flogged to death), as you will probably end up doing that anyway. Just a mild around 300rwkw dosen't seem to drastically blow reliability or fuel consumption but it took me around $7k to get there from standrd turbo (I know - more money than sense). Good luck. Stu
  9. Whats the torque ? that's usually the really impressive number on these motors.
  10. I thought he said an extra 2L but may have got that wrong. In any case more oil was added and the box ran smoothly after that............well for the next 10,000km anyway. So concensus is that this is not some common minor glitch and more of a major probably caused by the initial underfilling ? I'll go back to the guy and see what he has to say before blasting his name over the internet. Suffice to say a NZ company so for 90% of your members not relevant. Cheers stu
  11. 2009 FG XR6T with zf 6 speed auto. 120k km it has just started not changing down on tip tronic. Only noticed as I don't usually use it but there's a hill where I allways chnage down into 4th for brakeing and went to do it this time and nothing there. Will chnage up and down 6/5 but that's it. On auto seems to work fine. No the fluffy dice and hula girl are not stopping the stick getting full travel. I got the gbox oil and filter done not long ago at about 110k km but they intially mucked up and didn't get enough oil into it (apprently there's a bit of a trick). Chnaged very rough until it
  12. Greetings oh knowledgable ones . I am thinking of getting an SS inductions modified air box and pod filter to fit to my 2009 FG XR6T. The agent claims; up to 12 additional rwkw, better low down torque, better sounds when you boot it, and an astounding 80-100km per tank improved fuel consumption with easy driving. Directed me to the ss indictions web site for tech info where the only thing I could see was a couple of vague references from some NA vehicle owners. This mod is selling for about $800 NZ and fit it yourself. I find it surprising that the people who market these sorts of things don't
  13. Thanks guys. I was on track 2 at Taupo NZ. Yep...I'm a sheep shagger. Had no idea what tyre pressure to run so I put them on 34psi all round where I normally do 36. No standard handling improvements you can recommend ? I usually drive in auto so to start going on the track for the first time plus using manual for anything other than engine braking was too big a jump for my old witts and undersized cpu but I think I will need to do that (drive in manual) next time. Its just there are so many gears you can't "feel" which one its in without looking at the console all the time. Maybe a heads up di
  14. Yeh it was the most fun I've had with my clothes on. The failure to change up was having powered out of a corner and foot flat - straight line heading for the next one. Don't think even the dumbest gearbox could have thought anything other than I wanted to go faster.......... quickly ! Cheers.
  15. Ahh, that's a relief. I take it you were running an XR6T as well ? I've yet to take the pads off and have a look but had come to the conclusion after talking to the supplier today that as long as there was 10mm or so of pad left I'd leave well enough alone. I still however have the prblem of not being able to keep up with a 180HP audi TT running Hero tyres (appriately named I think judging by the squealing and sliding they put out). Assuming you are running the same car as me, and driving ability aside, any suggestions about ways to improve handing round a tightish track. I am running my secon
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