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  1. havent been hiding , moved to a new place and only just got the internet anyone know if there will be drags on friday night?
  2. what times did everyone run at the track
  3. took the stuts out today and found the rear left shock bushs is stuffed up the top . ive been told the check the blade bush aswell as they tend to wear out
  4. I have the same problem atm , ive had the car up on stands today gave everything a shake a push lifted the control arms up checked over the bushes , the diff bush looks a bit won but accel or decell isnt the problem , when I go over a bump or rut in the road the front suspension is smooth and quite but the rear clunks or knocks on something , ive gone over the boot annoying problem!
  5. it was so much fun , really hot aswell I had afew mates there racing with me aswell I raced on my 19 street tyres which didnt help as I couldnt stall it up on the line the best I ran was a 12.72 @110 mph with 0psi off the line my best 60 footer was a 2.003 which im happy with considering my tyres lol and ssl springs worst time was a 13.5 I think after stalling it up and jst spinning I also felt my car wasnt going really well which I think was the heat on the track really I ran on my street tune which was 315rwkw I felt my car had alot more in it the top end didnt feel strong on the day but on the way home it felt awesome? next time ill get some decent tyres and stock rear springs and put in the race tune and see how I go so much fun ill be going again early next year
  6. hey buddy I was there , I was in the dark blue xr6t I diidnt realise you were off the forum other wise I would of came and had a chat , howd you go have fun? was my first time aswell
  7. lol I look back at this , now im addicted and im ranked 13,100 for kills in the world which isnt too bad considering I started online playing very late , over 3 million players online aswell
  8. tis erthed atm ,but its still not working?
  9. im on it , I still play world at war thou so many campers and snipers . really hard to get your kd up user name XR6T_DRIFTER
  10. how do I get around this as I have a new clarion screen I want to able to have the unti playing while im driving? cheers mic
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