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  1. Happy Birthday XR64LT!

  2. Happy Birthday XR64LT!

  3. Happy Birthday XR64LT!

  4. XR64LT


    To all the shudderers lol, when I had my BA I had pretty severe shuddering and I changed nearly every braking component, rotors, pads, fluids flushed and replaced, abs module etc etc. A mechanic mate of mine had a few customers experiencing the same problem and all he did which seemed to fix the problem was to back off the rod between the booster and the master cylinder a few turns. Might be worth a try as it costs you nothing and might save you a few pennys for your next mods , goodluck.
  5. I think these days to get it all engineered the only v8 allowed will be a 302. And I dont think a barra 6t will be a straight forward conversion lol
  6. Hey spinning no offence taken. But to answer some of your questions, As to tipping my money into a project for minimal return, do you really think throwing money at your XR will net you profit, I sold my XR for less then what I paid for it standard with all the modifications. I was also looking for a XW, XY rollers months before I sold it but but only found rust buckets or wankers wanting to much and heading into a wedding I simply couldnt afford it at the time, I found this cortina which I scored for $2k oh I have allready had people offer me $4k for it but you know. Another thing is that I am surrounded by mates in the automotive/fabrication business so for me to get work done would cost me alot less or next to nothing (supplying materials) then it would some one else. The enjoyment will come from the satisfaction of me knowing I built it myself.
  7. As promised pics are up: The beast... Well the better side of it anyway http://i1215.photobucket.com/albums/cc504/Ldaddario/IMG_10511-1.jpg Black and white vinyl interior http://i1215.photobucket.com/albums/cc504/Ldaddario/IMG_10521.jpg Dash http://i1215.photobucket.com/albums/cc504/Ldaddario/IMG_10531.jpg 4 Banger http://i1215.photobucket.com/albums/cc504/Ldaddario/IMG_10541.jpg I also got with my purchase another guard plus a 6 cyl bonnet with (has bludge).
  8. Your not thinking of Tocchi's Capri are you?
  9. Would be nice, I need to weigh up my options first. see how much wok is required in getting a barra motor into the corty or get a 351 for the noise factor but I hear its gotten heaps harder to get anything engineered these days.
  10. Hey guys, so after suffering my withdrawals from selling the XR T I have now moved on by buying a Ford Cortina TD XLE as a project car. It is purplish in colour, with black & white trim & hubcaps. The body requires abit of work with some rust in the usual spots but nothing major and is straight as. Should be picking it up one day this week so ill post up some pics when they come to hand. Leo
  11. I would have mate but I purchased a 2010 hiace as I am starting my own business
  12. OK so I sold my XR a few weeks ago now but have still kept in touch with the new owner. Since then he has installed a 4" dump pipe and got a retune, making 346rkw@18psi through the C4 and 3k convertor and STILL all on the standard bottom end. Unfortunately the car is up for sale again so im pretty devo. http://www.ebay.com.au/itm/Ford-XR6-Turbo-Ulitimate-Sleeper-346-5rwkw-Street-Drag-/281011833616?pt=AU_Cars&hash=item416d9c4b10
  13. Well when I went to a C4 my car was making 347rwkw with a 4spd and 2700 convertor, put the C4 in the power went to 311rwkw with a 3000 convertor, never had any stall issues though, what brand convertor is it?
  14. hahaha I like your style, im thinking FPV next
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