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  1. Happy Birthday killer!

  2. Happy Birthday killer!

  3. Happy Birthday killer!

  4. Happy Birthday toastedsanger!

  5. Happy Birthday gdxr6!

  6. Happy Birthday FGXR6TUTE!

  7. Happy Birthday THRU5T!

  8. Happy Birthday Compton!

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  10. Happy Birthday killer!

  11. Saw that car down on pittwater rd on the weekend. He was sitting 100 metres in the 60 from 70 zone. I slowed down long before his radar pinged me ---- seeing that this vehicle sticks out like dog balls. I really dont mind that the police like to stick out like sore thumbs as to be for warned of their approach has certainly saved me a lot of tickets. KILLER
  12. Thanks ZAP It's so easy when you know how --- it just slid out KILLER
  13. I am having trouble removing the electical connector from the bulb. I cannot see what type of fitting it is because of the rubber boot. Does the plug just pull out or is there something I am missing. It just does not want to budge. Advice needed KILLER
  14. Bet you can't wait to get it all sorted Master G --- but on the other hand, when you think it's all sorted---you will want to do more I know--I have the same problem. A donk with bling--I like it KILLER
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