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  1. Blonk

    The Off Topic Thread.

    Now working in Thailand for the last 4 years... BJ's galore Not back yet mate.. Still toiling away in Thailand and flying the Aussie flag..
  2. Blonk

    Drunk Tank - Over .05 - Pissed Again

    Yeah...... Like Buffy Said!!!!!!!!!!
  3. Blonk

    drastic loss of power with bad missing

    Roast Chicken it is then .. Can I have mine forwarded to Thailand????..
  4. Blonk

    The Off Topic Thread.

    Congrats Keith..!! What happened to Dags..????
  5. Blonk

    The Off Topic Thread.

    Hey all!! Whats new.
  6. Happy Birthday Blonk!

  7. Blonk

    The Off Topic Thread.

    Buffy, I have a Toyota Hilux (Vigo) here in Thailand but the Turbo Diesel, whist economical and practical, has come a time I would like to make it boogey. I am not going down the road of tuning the current donk and think the straight six should bring back the smiles to my life. I have the dimensions and believe by shifting the radiator forward and rear mount back it should be a fit. As street drags are becoming quite a regular occurrence around here on Friday nights (they are struggling to run 14 second quarters) I thought I could show the Thai's how we roll from down under with XR6T. It would be highly impractical to try and import an entire car but the engine / box should be fine as I can just slip the envelop under the table at rego time each year. As I have been out of the scene since I sold my F6, who could you recommend buying a lightly modified long motor and tranny from?
  8. Blonk

    The Off Topic Thread.

    Morning all, Whats happening down under these days???? I would like to import an xr6t engine and 6 speed box to South East Asia. Any leads??
  9. Happy Birthday Blonk!

  10. Blonk

    The Off Topic Thread.

    I miss Trent and uncle dags...
  11. Happy Birthday Blonk!

  12. Blonk

    The Off Topic Thread.

    Actually Living and working in South East Asia. Spend more time on planes than I do in cars.. Still have the AMG sitting in storage in Brisbane, never get to drive it.. Driving a Cayenne in Singapore when home.. Miss the unbridled agricultural feel of my F6 though....
  13. Blonk

    The Off Topic Thread.

    Just dropped in to see who was around. Great to see some old timers hanging around and many new arrivals. Happy to the know the forum is alive and everyone is getting on famously. Had many a great cruise, (official and not so official) , get togethers, steak nights, and sh*&t fight right here and met some awesome people that are still friends today. I though I would never say it, but Congrats Dags !! You have done well to make this forum what it is today. Now I have an exceptionally boring, with no responsibility, job and a large six figure income here in Malaysia I will make sure I drop in to catch up again. Cheers. Blonk
  14. Blonk

    The Off Topic Thread.

    Whats happening around play school?? Same ole same ole !!

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