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  1. Happy Birthday Master G!

  2. Senna, no problem at all. I bought the car from Dean Jones who was Dean M's boss at the time, I know the crew at Smithfield pretty well. They were the ones that actually sourced the 6 spots I am using from a Porsche Cup race car. Savage, not sure the offset. But from what I know when I bought them they were the standard fitting for BA/BF falcons, I can give you the Tyre place's details if you like, drop me a PM. On the rear I am running 19*9.5 we tried the 10.5 but no go without some spacers. Regards M G
  3. A couple of pictures of my set up, running Nexus Autometer which can be set to display in 7 different colours, there is a hand controller that can also record the gauges on SD card, the blue is almost an exact match to the dash. Using a FPV pod. In the close up you can see that one Gauge has gone Red to display a warning in Demo mode. Regards M G
  4. Yes guards are rolled And you are right I am on good terms with a Tyre shop that is actually about 1min drive from my office. The car has only just done 60,000 and I have 7-8 sets of tyres, and 5 sets of rims on it over that time... 1. Factory 18's - sold to change look 2. Speedy Envi's 18" - sold as they didnt fit my 4 spot brembo's 3. Simmons FR19" - sold as they were too soft for where/how I drive 4. Axis Hiro 19" - stolen :( 5. Axis Hiro 19" - current and they fit over my 6 spot bremdo's which are a little larger than the FPV ones. X. Also a set of Stock 17" with Mickey T's for fun. Of course the shop I uses ships all over and a few good words they will probably look after ya EZ, drop me a PM for their details if your interested. Regards M G
  5. I had 275's and this is the first time I have tried 285's, looking to get some grip I was told I can get decent replacements when these go for around $350. Also the Hiro's come in Polished, Gold and mine are Shadow Chrome. Regards M G
  6. Hi mate, here is the picture of my car using the 19" Hiro's currently running 245's on the front and 285's on the rear. Regards M G
  7. I had Simmons FR19's found them too soft, and currently use Axis Hiro which will fit no problem. Regards M G
  8. Congrats for having the first F6 into the 10's. Also congrats to Spiro and Autotech for tuning the first F6 into the 10's. Regards M G
  9. Excellento time Mark. Looks like the Yellow Beast still has a lot of potential in it as well. Regards M G
  10. I have had the CP pistons in now for over 4 months and there are no rattles at all. Car sounds stock at idle. Under acceleration, too hard to know over the induction noise Regards M G
  11. As Goldie mentioned, CP pistons. Running the same combination in my car. Regards M G
  12. Thanks guys, been a while coming. Only really pushed hard to get 10sec pass once the Car was complete inside and out, etc for the Street Fords Article. Mods list is comprehensive and as the car is now 'officially' finished I will be posting up another thread in a day or so with a complete history including mods. As far as the run is concerned, running MT Streets and using a Dominello modded 4 speed including a 3600 Stall converter. To get the right launch I have just been working on making sure that I had the heat/grip in the MT's to ensure that I could use the stall to its maximum, and for the 1.5 60' I was stalling it to 3500. For me the key points are that the car was Full street trim and I drove it, so that makes it a true 10sec street car. Since WSID didnt actually ban me for the run I might have to head out next week to see if I can maybe push the bar a little lower. Regards M G
  13. As the title says, tonite I got the chance to break into the 10sec club at WSID. Weather was nice and cold, however the track was very very slippery. A couple of good burnouts to get heat into the rubber and it was off to a 10.97 pass at 123.67 MPH with a 60' of 1.586. I was informed that as it was just a 10 (jeez its still a 10!) that I could go back another time as long as don't run another 10... I know the car has more in it having run a better MPH before and I think its mainly in the gearbox. Teh gearbox guyss have been trying different boxes to check strength as well as drivability and this box is better on the road but doesnt shift as hard on the strip. So maybe there is some time to be gained there. The car was full street trim, spare tyre, full custom stereo with sub, etc. Running MT Streets, Special thanks to Spiro and the Gang at Autotech for their excellent work on my XR6T. XXZ4lg5MssY Regards M G
  14. Welcome to the Nuthouse. I saw your car being worked on at Autotech last week, lots of comments about it being brand spanking new and getting the 'Go' gear installed! Good to see it on the road! Regards M G
  15. Didnt know about the infra red option wil look into it. But with the standard set up the steering wheel switches only work when you have the hub switch to the ford system. Not when using any of the additional plugged in units. Regards M G
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