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  1. FG-X Sprint leak

  2. FG-X Sprint leak

    Hi guys anyone in the market for one ( xr6 turbo sprint ) ? According to the dealer I was at today there 64k onroad and selling like hot cakes? If so what prices are you paying?
  3. Happy Birthday xaray!

  4. Happy Birthday xaray!

  5. Happy Birthday xaray!

  6. Happy Birthday xaray!

  7. Happy Birthday xaray!

  8. What sort of coin are we talking about to install and supply the intercooler kit /pulley kit etc. To get that gain?
  9. Sa Members

    I'll just talk to myself!
  10. Sa Members

    ive got a new guy coming in a ba xr6t or a fg xr6t ute he hasn't made up his mind yet, so put me down for two cars! or list him as person x as he isn't registered on this forum. fun cool!
  11. Sa Members

    spoke to enricopalazzo today and he said he's in for saturday night,but was too cool to put his name down ,so someone put his name on the list! I'm not sure how to do it. numbers looking good!
  12. Sa Members

    not sure I'm confused? hey why not! where are all these chicks coming from cos I love it!anyway whoever that is in that pic is hot!
  13. Sa Members

    xr6turbo_chick is that you in your side pic thing?
  14. Sa Members

    I'm in!
  15. FG XR6 TURBO UTE NITRO. FORD lux 19s tuned and a little bit lowered! for now......

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