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  1. Happy Birthday Benny!

  2. Happy Birthday Benny!

  3. Benny

    Is A Tune Really Required After Turbo Swapping?

    I would strongly suggest checking the tune on the dyno. If it was a like for like replacement, as in GT35/40 for GT35/40 then no need but to go with a different manufacturer then there is a high possibility of the two turbos having a different flow map. Benny.
  4. Agreed. I'd measure pressure as close to the rail as you can. I connect into the fuel line right before the rail on my GT. It will depend on how the gauge you have can be connected into the line. If your issue gets worse with low fuel I'd be pulling the pump and swirl pot to check that as well. Not an easy job with a ute I know. Benny.
  5. Benny

    Repainting Brembos

    Hi temp Brembo decals can be found on ebay. Benny.
  6. Charlie, You need to connect the gauge and see what pressure you have at idle. If that's ok then you need to watch the fuel pressure at wide open throttle, right through the rev range. If the pressure drops away during the run then you have an issue. Benny.
  7. Benny

    Best Place To Buy Gulf Western Syntrans?

    Supercheap don't keep it in stock on the shelf but will get it in. That's how I got mine. Benny
  8. Benny

    Tail Shaft Mall Wood V Cheeper No Frills ?

    I totally agree. In my mind it's about getting what you need for a price you see as reasonable. I have a balanced shaft that is gaurenteed well above the power I'm aiming for and at a price that I think is quite reasonable. Benny.
  9. Benny

    Tail Shaft Mall Wood V Cheeper No Frills ?

    Sourcing a shaft from here in Newcastle might not be cost effective once you factor in freight but it would be worth investigating. Contact Chris Gibson at Gibsons Driveshafts, he is one of the nicest guys you'll deal with and will bend over backwards to help you out. Chris makes shafts for a number well known Sydney tuners. http://www.gibsondriveshaft.com.au/about.html (02) 4958-3059 Benny.
  10. I would suggest more likely you have a coil or lead issue than the vacuum hose causing the miss. Certainly replacing the broken vacuum line is advised. Benny.
  11. Benny

    Tail Shaft Mall Wood V Cheeper No Frills ?

    You can get quality strong tailshafts for much less than $2k. I had mine made locally for $1250 and is gauranteed for 1000hp. I've had no issues and the quality is very good. Benny.
  12. Base AFR was 12.0:1. Due back on the dyno this week using the smallest nozzle. My plan is to use it for safety rather than outright power. I'll be running 14psi on a stock engine which is nearing the max safe boost using the stock HTV1900 on 98. I'm using my washer bottle as the tank and have not installed the additional solenoid due to my tank being well below the height of the injector. I was still a little concerned with the air rushing past the nozzle that it would syphon some of the water/meth through, but after driving for two weeks with the pump isolated there has been no loss of fluid from the tank. With the amount of blowby and oil in the intake I'm expecting lubricating the throttle body won't be required, but time will tell. Benny.
  13. My car using the biggest nozzle dyno'd with an AFR of 10.5:1, which was way too rich. This AFR resulted in a loss of power right up until the run was aborted at around 4500rpm. Benny.
  14. The Stage 3 kit doesn't have that functionality but I think an additional controller can be purchased as a fail safe. Not sure how it would integrate to our cars though. The difference of the Stage 3 kit is it has an electronic controller and the ability to trigger from boost or injector pulse width or both depending on how you program it. Benny.
  15. There is no issue with fitting the biggest nozzle other than having to pull a fair amount of fuel from the factory injection. To balance my tune and maintain the desired AFR to make good power, a total of 14% would had to have been trimmed from the factory injection. This isn't an issue but can be a real problem if the water/meth pump fails. This will more than likely result in a blown engine. I wasn't willing to take such a big risk. Benny.

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