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  1. Happy Birthday cushi!

  2. Happy Birthday cushi!

  3. Over the past two weeks my car an 08 fg xr6t sedan with premium sound it has started making a really loud cracking noise through the speakers it seems as if something is shorting out or my icc could be stuffed. It happens when: Car is running or even when just on accessory with engine off.When listening to anything: radio,cd,aux.or even when the audio is fully turned off.Day night raining whenever it just happens.I have checked, All my earths, battery, fuses, speakers even pulled my icc out to make sure everything is plugged in correctly and not loose but still have found nothing unusual. Its really starting to annoy me so if anyone has had a similar experience or ideas to what it may be would be greatly appreciated.
  4. Happy Birthday cushi!

  5. This is what I found this morning when I was adjusting my handbrake, as you can imagine not very happy as ive had this car since new and its been welded before without my knowledge or consent, Car has only ever been serviced with ford and is stock.
  6. Happy Birthday cushi!

  7. goes off like a frog in a sock busier than a one armed paper boy plays up like a second hand lawn mower its not illegal until your caught work is good for something ha ha
  8. Happy Birthday cushi!

  9. yep its all fixed now, and running sweet again, cheers guys
  10. nah not driver abuse, just a bit worried about driving it is all
  11. cheers guys have no idea how it happened was on my way to mums then it just went to sh*t nothing seem to have hit it was damn scary though, do you kno if ford will sell you the part or do you have to take the car in, its an fg aswell
  12. Hey guys was out driving today an this happened, pictures tell it all, what exactly is this part called any help would be appreciated
  13. I got a 13.5 aswell, that was my second run down the strip with casual launch a few weeks back
  14. im not sure which dealer it was he lives in morley so which ever ford is closest I guess, he traded up to a g6 coz he needed a family car for the kids an stuff, it depends on if your buying another car off them I guess but hes a fast talker lol
  15. Yeah my mate just traded his 08 xr6t ute in an he got 35 he had done 15000k I think
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