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  1. just a heads up for locals, once I work out how to use the classified it will be in there also. my sh*t is up for sale. obviously aimed for a ute as I`m after off loading it all at once, however dump and cat section will suit sedan. I think this is a fairly cheap option to get into the 139-140mph bracket. Ford FG ute 10second 140MPH package: ETM high mount manifold GTX4294 turbo 6inch stainless steel intake and K&N filter dump pipe, twin cat section and full exhaust all braided lines inc 60mm Turbo smart waste gate screamer pipe Nizpro intercooler and pipework to suit turbo. Plazmaman surge tank, fitted with twin 044 fuel pumps process west twin entry fuel rail 1000cc injectors magna flow fuel pressure reg. everything you need to run a 140mph, apart from tyres and a parachute lol. not willing to seperate at this state, please do not ask. Price: $10,500. will knock $500 off for people on here. couple of vids so you can hear/see what your car may sound like
  2. lol looks as if nothing has changed here. steve you're a muppet, a misguided one at that. motor did not/has not blown up. it lifted the head about a year ago and had a coolant leak under boost, I made no effort in hiding that. so we put rods and pistons in it and decided to lean on it harder. too many secret squirels spreading rumours on here to bother logging on. its now running a gtx42 on a ETM manifold on e85 and indeed ran 10.494@139.96. would have liked to put full slick and front runners on it and seen how it went but too much f*cking about swapping brakes n sh*t. to prevent any other rumours that you/others may spread. the car is now getting stripped and sold, not because anything is wrong with it, I have just achieved what I wanted to achieve and its time to move on. there are only so many powerskids you can do before getting bored. that and its my work ute so 3 year turn over ftw. would like to thank rob, monsta torque for his time and efforts. I doubt any car on this forum has copped the abuse my car has. 82,000km of pure thrashing with between 500-800hp from day dot. car will be sold with built motor so if you see a f6 ute on a dealership forcourt you might be able to grab yourself a bargin.
  3. 9s 1 WA Xtreme F6/XFT FG XR8 Ute Motorplex 9.40 @ 147.8 10s 2 QLD XR2DY4/6BOOST-FPT C4 FG XR6T Sedan Willowbank 10.08 @ 128 3 VIC Shanarp/Dyno-Mite A6 FG XR6T Sedan 10.40 @ 136 4WA tinyplums/monsta toruque A6 FG F6 Ute Motorplex 10.49 @139.96mph 5 VIC Steve/Nizpro A6 FG XR6T Sedan Calder Park 10.49 @ 135.63 6 VIC Nizpro/Nizpro A6 FG F6 Sedan Calendar Park 10.5 @ 139 7 VIC Dave /Nizpro A6 FG F6 Sedan Calendar Park 10.75 @ 129 8 vic Simon G/Nizpro A6 FG F6 UTE Calder Park 10.85 @ 132.31 9 QLD Paul@Elite/Elite Automotive A6 FG F6 Sedan Willowbank 10.86 @ 131 10 QLD Brett Deller/R.D.P. A6 FG F6 Sedan Willowbank 10.89 @ 126 11 QLD Lee RDP/R.D.P A6 FG XR6T Sedan Willowbank 10.99 @ 126 11s 12 Vic Steve/Nizpro A6 FG XR6T Sedan Small Turbo Calder Park 11.005 @ 126.13 13 VIC Frank/Nizpro A6 FG F6310 Sedan Calder park 11.2 @ 125 14 NSW Vevapower A6 FG XR6T/WSID 11.22 @ 130.7 mph 15 WA Ernie/Monsta Torque/A6/XR50 Ute Motorplex 11.24 @ 130mph 16 Vic FSIX/Autotech /A6/ FG XR6T Ute/ Small Turbo HPR 11.33 @ 126 MPH 17 NSW ????/CV Performance A6 FG F6 Sedan WSID 11.40 @ 123 18 WA djkice/XFT A6 FG XR6T Sedan Motorplex 11.50 @ 124 19 NSW Ricki8383/Crescent Motorsport A6 FG XR6 Ute 11.53@136 20 WA Xtreme F6/XFT M6 FG F6 Sedan Motorplex 11.57 @ 135 21 Vic andrewd/ Pit Lane Performance G6ET Heathcote/ 11.67 @ 123.22 mph 22 VIC/vx8255/Autotech A6 Fg XR6T Sedan/Heathcote Park/11.71@121 23 NSW Corzza /Tunehouse /A6 FG F6 Sedan WSID 11.71 @ 119 24 SA jeturbo/fg f6/heinrich performance tuning sedan heathcote park 11.75 @ 120 25 QLD markytheman/R.D.P A6 FG F6 Sedan Willowbank 11.90 @ 120 26 VIC Jay/Nizpro M6 GS Coyote Ute Calder Park 11.95 @ 118 12s 27 SA bloosted/Heinrich Performance Tuning A6 FG XR6T Sedan 12.20 @ 119 28 NSW fgxrt01/Autotech Engineering M6 FG XR6T Sedan 12.20 @ 118 29 QLD Boosted1/Hi-Torque A6 FG XR6T Ute Willowbank 12.20 @ 117 30 WA FG.F6/XFT A6 FG F6 Sedan Motorplex 12.20 @ 116 31 NSW Rhino1980 FG XR6T/Auto Tune/Injectors/Cooler/CAI/Cat 12.26 @ 115 32 NSW F6BF/Stock A6 FG F6 WSID 12.29 @ 113mph 33 NSW johnopaul FG XR6T A6 stock (k&n filter, xr8 Airbox) sedan WSID 12.31 @ 111.8mph 34 WA AUXRATE/Stocker A6 FG F6 Sedan Motorplex 12.34 @ 112 35 VIC/vx8255/Stock xr6t(k&n filter,xr8 airbox)/Calderpark/12.59@110mph. 36 NSW RAP1D/Rapid Systems A6 FG G6ET Sedan WSID 12.60 @ 113 37 NSW LT5PLA/CV Performance A6 FG XR6T Sedan WSID 12.60 @ 113 38 WA ????/XFT M6 FG XR6T Ute Motorplex 12.62 @ 118 39 NSW FAT-51X/Stock/A6/FG XR6T/WSID/12.87 @ 108mph 40 NSW Rhino1980/Stock tune FG XR6T/A6 Sedan WSID 12.88 @ 107 41 WA Fritzz/Stocker A6 FG XR6T Sedan Motorplex 12.94 @ 109 3 13s 42 WA blueprintbullet/Stocker A6 FG XR6T Ute Motorplex 13.06 @ 107 43 WA Tocchi/Stocker M6 FG XR8 Sedan Motorplex 13.17 @ 105
  4. so, anyone from here that crashed into rockingham shops over night?
  5. ebc are sh*t. ferrodo ds2500's are the shizzle. part number Frp3100h for anyone playing at home. my 2c for the month.
  6. jesus christ. need to phone a friend or get Bono and the UN involved in picking a cruise date. I havent turned up to one because I cant be bothered reading through the 87 pages of which date best suits who's hair appointment (not that many of you would miss me anyway) my 2 cents. cruise controllers pick a date and its a done deal. people can then schedule their life to suit and dont have to inform me about it.
  7. didnt think they had crused a car yet, this the first?
  8. take some responsibility for your own actions? or are you american?
  9. Arron have you rego'd the nizpro car here yet and just left plates on or still to go over pits?
  10. low boost screamer sounds like your farting thru a pringles tube.
  11. seems to be some updates missing like ricki83's lastest time
  12. did you buy 305/19's? I could take them off your hands if your stuck with them
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