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  1. Happy Birthday kevo!

  2. Happy Birthday kevo!

  3. Happy Birthday kevo!

  4. Happy Birthday kevo!

  5. Happy Birthday kevo!

  6. Thanks for the help guys, As you said Tab, I never actually saw the cheque at all as he banked it, I think ill tell him im away at work for another week so he doesn't keep asking when he can pick it up, its definately not going anywhere untill the numbers are there now, Cheers guys
  7. Hi guys, Quick question, A wholesale buyer from a big Ford dealership in Perth come to my house and bought my F6, and for the price I wanted too I might add, ($27,500 for a 2005 F6 tornado). He has cashed the cheque into my bank account and wants pick up the car asap, I said only after the cheque has cleared and the funds are in my account. Should I trust this cheque and give the car to him before it clears? I have contacted him via the dealership website and dealership phone number so I know he is an employee of the AHG affiliated ford dealership so nothing suss there. He said he wants the
  8. Link to Octane F6 at barbagallo on the weekend, I think that might be F6UTE's Evo he is chasing too Just a quick one but what the hell http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Fd-aPkV2tHM
  9. Holy sh*t! I never realised he wasted his car moments after I left, I have a video off my mobile of him chasing an Evo 9 down the straight ill throw up in honour of the fallen turbo, Yeah he was flying hey
  10. Spotted 'OCTANE F6' cutting laps at barbagallo raceway on Saturday, didn't time his laps but he was moving enough to hold with the fast Evos'
  11. Razel

    hey man, intereested in the sub, I have a bf mk2 ute.. is it made to fit in that ? if so.. whats your number? I live in scarborough so not far from u.

  12. No, not worth it dude, don't bother replacing the filter unless its a ETM/ earls remote style filter
  13. Simon from NiZpro does not run a blow off valve in his cars and has never had turbo failure as a result of there not being a BOV. From memory I think he stated a 2 second better time around the track (can't remember which one) without a BOV as the car had little to no lag (not venting all the posotive pressure). That is good enough for me. I'm now BOVless too and like it.
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