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  1. Happy Birthday 83TNY!

  2. Happy Birthday 83TNY!

  3. Happy Birthday 83TNY!

  4. Happy Birthday 83TNY!

  5. Happy Birthday 83TNY!

  6. My flex plate let go on Fri have a newbie on it's way through Nizpro. We found the tranny was an exchange unit and whoever had it off previously re-used old bolts and did not even lock tight in.
  7. My ZF just pooped itself last night at Benaraby. Havn't got it apart yet but seems like a bearing on the input side. Pick revs up it sounds fine but sitting at idle sounds like someone threw steel balls inside. I can feel a rebuild coming on. Car was running 320rwkw on stock tyres and happened when I backed off in the burnout. Starting to not feel so confident about these ZF's when the BA 4sp could rip skids all day with similar power and no signs of worry. Not Happy Jan.
  8. New tune very safe 426hp

  9. Ha ha no fight need I peronally don't stay and get my tunes locally. Pre inspection on a standard car is different from getting a tune done though. I didn't know about those ones but most workshops do go through a few especially in the early days and quite often it's usually when the customer requests to push it. Like everyone else get tuned by somone you trust.
  10. 83TNY


    Suprising trial today 440hp on 14psi on stock pump but started to lean out so backed off to 12psi and was fine. Stock dump 4" cat with 3" outlets into 3" exhaust with a "plastic" intake I'm trialing we were suprised that when the new pump finally turns up should be good for nealy 470hp.
  11. Mate I own the Autobarn store up here. Mopower cetainly capable of a pre inspection. There did get a bad rep in the beginning as far as tuning goes but they are now really starting to put out some decent cars. I know of an FG putting out about 400rwkw and another BA putting out 320rwkw. Another one to think of is a place called Stitts Motor Repairs. They are quite good for this type of thing and don't charge an arm and a leg. I'll keep an eye out for the car and let you know if I see it. Cheers Tony
  12. 83TNY

    Central Qld

    I've just bought the Autobarn Stor in Gladdy. Everyone is quite welcome to start here if they wanted to do a cruise anywhere. Could look at doing a closed door sale in conjunction with this in the near future if anyone is interested. Drop into the store and ask for me (Tony)
  13. 83TNY

    ute register

    Missus wrote off my sedan last month (tried jumping it off a 5m embankment. She survived car didn't. Just picked up it's repacement. BF MkII XR6T ute in silhouette, Hard Lid, Wing, Premi sound, Leather, Cobra Stripes, Still have injectors and X3 that didn't make it too the BA so will go in for a tune then I'll start going down the whole kit and kaboodle road. (trade off for her destroying the last one). As far as wish list. Yep I'm anopther one who after two days is already over unlocking the lid manually and want a latch inside the cab.
  14. The only time I ever used to get surging was when the tank was below half and you gave it what for... maybe something to keep an eye on if any particular time it's doing it especially if you've had the fuel pump done. If the pump hasn't been done it's most definetly a tuner/ tuning issue.
  15. My partner last week flipped the XR down 5m embankment. Not sure if I want to rush out and buy another. Either BF Mk II or BA MkII F6. Another option I've got is throwing the engine out of the wreck in an XC ute (front end hardly copped much damage mainly roof and sides). The ute currently has Clevo 302 with Toploader and holley 660. I'm thinking hey now that's something differrent. The real pain in the ass will be getting it run without the BCM. I guess I probably could look at fitting the interior out of the BA in the XC to keep the BCM (I don't really like the interior out of the XC much prefer the XB). That will then lead me to other problem like lights etc. I have also heard that if I were to get a ute wiring loom they can trick the PCM into not knowing what car it's in and all should be good. Anyone know someone who could help me.
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