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  1. Happy Birthday Cobra!

  2. Happy Birthday Cobra!

  3. Happy Birthday Cobra!

  4. Happy Birthday tonkjr!

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  9. Happy Birthday Cobra!

  10. Upgrade 4 Sp Auto To A Zf In Baxr6t

    must be going blind ... but I can't see any difference in the tunnel between the BA and the BF
  11. Stock Power Outputs

  12. Ba Xr6 Turbo Ute Rear Suspension

    why on earth would you want IRS in a ute ? most of my world is ripping the IRS out of performance cars and replacing it with live axle ..... coil over struts though
  13. Go The Aussies

    unbelievable game
  14. Typhoon Questions

    1 - about 11.30 2 - noisy but tough 3 - 15.5 ... 50% mountain driving 50% city 4 - auto's run a 200 rpm over rev limit under wot (I think) ... so the bells would be going off all the time for you ... d'oh the manual rev alerts are not gear change alerts keep it off the peak revs if you are getting Ford servicing .... big brother is watching
  15. Premium Brakes

    DSC can't upgrade ... that's why the FPVs don't have DSC

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