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  1. Happy Birthday kraddy!

  2. Happy Birthday kraddy!

  3. Happy Birthday kraddy!

  4. Happy Birthday kraddy!

  5. Vic Spotted & Chat Thread

    could be there.... Will confirm closer to date!
  6. Friday Night Cruise

    I was keeping up... Just in the wrong lane Definately need alot of work down but... all I could hear were induction noises and doses lol
  7. Friday Night Cruise

    I lost you guys when you wwere heading to bunnings... I just sorta kept going straight past lol. Doesnt matter I just headed home because I was supposed to go to Heathcote the next day anyway but it got called off :( Anyways, I'll definately come another time and try not to go straight past turn offs! Cheers, Kraddy (Matt)
  8. Friday Night Cruise

    Why not, its only money.... Comming: Awsmxr Ypurv4 Fprwpn Fastr1red Mika kraddy Mayb: Sinnkexr6t Mr turbo Fat-Tony Look out for a Narooma blue T parked around there somewhere at that time
  9. Friday Night Cruise

    Gunna try and make it but I dont have a whole lot of cash at the moment, plus Saturday is going to be a big one for me.... Im off to Heathcote to give the T its first 1/4mile run! I will let you guys know
  10. All Ford Drag Day By Fordmods

    I will be there with bells on!
  11. Parking

    me too.... It's not like I couldnt handle the exercise...
  12. New Members Thread

    Was recomended to me on another forum (fordmods.com)
  13. Friday Night Cruise

    Could be there mate.... Where you thinking of heading too? If you feel like going down to the peninsula I willl definately be in!
  14. Big Brother 2007

    well it looks like my TV isnt going to get turned on for the next 3 months now....
  15. How strong are the T56's? How much power can they handle before they sh*t themselves?

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