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transmission not in park fault on dash

R ichard

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hay guys, I have a 2009 xr6 turbo, 


over the last 2 weeks I some times get a fault on dash ''transmission not in park'' when its in park

when it does happen the car is off and only happens when I open the drivers side door, doesnt happen every time I open the door   ( maybe twice  a week )

any one know what would cause this?

I only just did a antz Turbo Side Intake & Passenger Battery Relocation kit, then week after it started to happen, would a bad earth cause weird faults?

 battery is good

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Yes clean up that Earth contact point and potentially time for a new battery mate despite what it test up as especially if it’s an “Century” battery ;) 

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Cleaned up the Earth connections and changed the battery out no change, it’s weird if I unlock the car and then open the door it doesn’t happen but if I leave the car unlocked for 10/20 minutes and then open the door it comes up with it with fault

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