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Brake pads for T3 4000 on FG XR6T


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Hi All,


There are so many posts and some quite old, I'm looking at getting T3 4000 slotted rotors and braided lines for my FG XR6T 320rwkw.


I'm looking at what pads to get. I would consider this my daily driver with some spirited driving, so needs to brake at low temperatures and won't reach track temps, but I want a lot of bite, especially in the wet.


I previously had Project Mu and they were quite good, then Pitlane installed Bendix and they are shocking. I think I've gotten less than 30,000 km out of them and they have never been great.


I'm thinking Akebono, DBA XP Performance or something else. I need to get the everything fitted in Melbourne for a reasonable price as I have had knee surgery so cannot really work on the car in the short term. Possibly thinking Pedders if Akebono or somewhere else, any good suggestions?


Thank you

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I have dba DB1473XP pads on the front. They are DBA extreme pads. I have DBA street pads on the back.

Front ones are the dustiest pads I have ever used, actually crazy how bad the dust is, the back are fine though.


In saying that, with some spirited driving and warming up the front pads, its actually crazy how well they stop the rig. 


So overall, impressive braking results from the extreme series, would recommend if you do spirited hills runs and if you can get over the crazy amount of brake dust.


I've heard many great things about the project mu pads though, so maybe just switch back to those?

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