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  1. Hey, I ordered them from sparesbox on the 4/01, and then got an email telling me it would take 6 weeks from the 12/01. Not sure what to do! Thank you
  2. Hi All, There are so many posts and some quite old, I'm looking at getting T3 4000 slotted rotors and braided lines for my FG XR6T 320rwkw. I'm looking at what pads to get. I would consider this my daily driver with some spirited driving, so needs to brake at low temperatures and won't reach track temps, but I want a lot of bite, especially in the wet. I previously had Project Mu and they were quite good, then Pitlane installed Bendix and they are shocking. I think I've gotten less than 30,000 km out of them and they have never been great. I'm thinking Akebono, DBA XP Performance or something else. I need to get the everything fitted in Melbourne for a reasonable price as I have had knee surgery so cannot really work on the car in the short term. Possibly thinking Pedders if Akebono or somewhere else, any good suggestions? Thank you
  3. Was that aimed at me Arronm? What's +25 lol
  4. Hi, Sorry I didn't realise it would be as complicated, thought someone may have done it before. My car is getting Shockworks coilovers put on at the moment so I don't have it. I'll have to see when I take it in to get done. Thanks for your help
  5. Hi Team, I am just having my car fixed (yay) and looking at getting new tyres/wheels. I'm opting for ROH RF4 Matt Black 19" 8.5 35ET on front and ROH RF Matt Black 19" 9.5 35ET on rear. Looking at maybe the Michelin Pilot Sport 4. Can I use 245/40 on Front and 275/35 19"s on rear without rolling? Thank you
  6. Hi, Disregard, I have checked and that will do fine. Thank you
  7. Hi, Unfortunately the ye old ball and chain :( That is the only fault we can see, that's why I want to replace all of the other components if needed as well. Will the stock actuator handle the 15psi? Thank you
  8. Hi, We will be fitting it, we change all of our engine / turbos for our race cars already, it's already on the hoist with the turbo removed. Unfortunately, the misses will not approve another tune, I don't need it to run at maximum, if it runs fine, I have no problem. It was running fine before hand. If I was going to re-tune, I would buy a bigger turbo, she won't approve that either lol. As for the parts, I will be ordering direct due to our discount, I am getting the full turbo and housing brand new for the price of just a manufactured without housing change. Just need to figure these last few things out, then we will hopefully get it fitted up this week Thank you
  9. Hi guys, Last week, the poor little turbo went and had a heart attack, sounded like it was over boosting and then a metal scraping noise :( When taking it out, it appeared that the rubber hose to the actuator was split, I couldn't find anything else wrong with it. Any other ideas what may have have caused it? I was going to purchase a manufactured turbo, however, I can get them through Ford for the same cost thanks to work discount. She was setup/tuned at Pitlane and driven approximately 130,000km's since the the modifications (170k total). Other than regularly servicing, the only part I have purchased is a brake light switch because of the ABS issue. The car is running at 320rwkw @15psi with: 60lb injectors Stage 2 intercooler 4" to 3.5" stainless steel exhaust Ported GT3576 I am thinking of ordering: GT3576 New Gaskets Two rubber hoses going into the turbo Actuator (Would it have been modified or the stock one is normally used?) Braided Oil Lines (If suggested, or do you think generally there is no need?) Any advise would be great. Thank you
  10. Hi, There is a lot of threads, mostly about after market break kits. I'm running the standard calipers for the 2008 XR6T, I'm just wondering what a good set of pads would be (not super cheap, but cheap)? I'm mostly on the highway (which is both smooth / stop & start) but also have a heavy foot around town. Thank you
  11. Hey, Thanks for the reply. Should the car bottom out during braking? I don't know how people deal with lowered suspension, my car scrapes on every drive way unless I take it on an angle and its stock from my knowledge
  12. Hi, I have a FG XR6T which is starting to creak at low speeds and if I have to break hard to stop, the front bar scrapes against the road. The car has done just shy of 100,000km and gets treated roughly, and that's not to mention the start/stop traffic. The noise appears on the front suspension (mostly left hand side however also on right). When I purchased the car approximately 20,000 km's ago, I was told the control arms and diff bushes were already changed. I'm looking to replace with Monroe shocks and King springs. I've been quoted $750 for parts, around 4 hours labour ($1100ish all up in Melbourne). Do you think this will help or the problem is likely something else? I'm getting some new Bridgestone RE003 so thinking of doing it before the tyre change. Thanks Ya'll
  13. Hi Ratter, Are there many shops that do this? I know pitlane does. Has anyone received an approximate quote? Thank you
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