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Can I replace my BF 6 speed With an FG 6 speed?

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Hi all,


I have a BF mk11 and the trans has that issue where it doesn’t shift properly, pretty much not at all. My BF is at a great local transmission guy and he is taking a look at this issue (that seems to be common with the ZF) and will see if it can be fixed. If not and it’s totally milkshaked, I will just throw a replacement 6 speed in it. Anyway, as the title says - can I put an FG 6 speed in my BF? Are they exactly the same, at least to the point where it will be completely fine to put in my BF?


Apologies if it’s a dumb and clearly obvious question. I believe they are the same, but I’m just wanting to confirm my long sort after suspicion.



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as long as it's a ZF 6HP26 it'll fit... it might require a little bit of stuffing about with mechantronics and wiring but you'll be able to re-use bits from your old one to make it work if necessary.



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Okay, sweet as!


if you don’t mind, what kind of stuffing about should I expect with the mechatronics and wiring? Should it be easy, or should I let my Trans guy handle it?

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@finnas Yeah, for sure. I’ve found a ZF 6 out of a BF here in Melbourne with decently low kms, gonna pick that up in the next few days and not worry about an FG ZF. If you know, can you tell me how easy it is to swap the trans, as they are the exact same? Is it the same as what you just said, with the TCM? Pretty much just a bolt up and go? Dad has the hoist at work to make things easy.


cheers mate, bare with me, pretty new to this stuff haha.

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