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  1. Hey guys, so I’m having a problem with my BF, where when I’m stopped at the traffic lights or just stopped in general with it in D or R, the car just jerks. Best I can explain is that it’s like it is cammed, it does the little quick reving and rocks the whole car. My BF is obviously not a cammed drag car haha, but I have cleaned the front side of the butterfly in the throttle body and tried as best on the other side as I didn’t take the whole TB off, I changed spark plugs yesterday, and I pulled all coils up, and they where all clicking away and the revs dropped as well when pulling them up. So not entirely convinced it’s a misfire, but I’m not a qualified mechanic after all. I’ve also recently done a service on it (oil, oil filter, fuel filter, brake fluid, 2 flushes and coolant) and I have been only using 98 in it. as I said, it does it when I am stopped, on the brake with the car in D or R. It stops when I put it in N or P. if anyone can help me here I would be extremely thankful. I have provided 2 videos inside the cabin and the engine bay. Both videos I have handbrake on, in drive and on the brake pedal. Edit: sorry, I also forgot, I think it started around when I put in a wrong battery. Old battery was pretty shot, so dad put in a good battery he had. It’s not the proper battery for my car, it doesn’t fit too well with the battery holder, so I’m. It sure if this has something to do with it or if is doing something with the alternator? I don’t know, I’m not a car scientist. Car also has a small exhaust leak.
  2. @OZYWALKER yeah it’s an auto 6. How bad would the drone be if as commented above, I just put a rear muffler replacement? I haven’t ever been pulled over, but I would always be respectful and never infallible when it inevitably happens.
  3. @k31th @arronm thanks a lot guys. Do either of you have any idea on the p plate situation? I’m thinking just a rear muffler replacement may be nice, will I be okay with the cops? I obviously am not gonna drive like an idiot and I’m still running stock xr6 wheels, so I shouldn’t have any unnecessary attention.
  4. Hey guys, I know there are plenty of topics already on exhausts, but I haven’t found any solid answer. I have a BF and I am on my p plates. I am wanting an exhaust to give me a little more sound. I don’t want it LOUD, but just something nice. Will the Redback catback only system keep me under 90db? If not, what setup will keep me under? Also, should I do it considering my p plates, or should I be a good boy and wait three years to hear my Barra? cheers.
  5. @finnas Yeah, for sure. I’ve found a ZF 6 out of a BF here in Melbourne with decently low kms, gonna pick that up in the next few days and not worry about an FG ZF. If you know, can you tell me how easy it is to swap the trans, as they are the exact same? Is it the same as what you just said, with the TCM? Pretty much just a bolt up and go? Dad has the hoist at work to make things easy. cheers mate, bare with me, pretty new to this stuff haha.
  6. Okay, sweet as! if you don’t mind, what kind of stuffing about should I expect with the mechatronics and wiring? Should it be easy, or should I let my Trans guy handle it?
  7. Hi all, I have a BF mk11 and the trans has that issue where it doesn’t shift properly, pretty much not at all. My BF is at a great local transmission guy and he is taking a look at this issue (that seems to be common with the ZF) and will see if it can be fixed. If not and it’s totally milkshaked, I will just throw a replacement 6 speed in it. Anyway, as the title says - can I put an FG 6 speed in my BF? Are they exactly the same, at least to the point where it will be completely fine to put in my BF? Apologies if it’s a dumb and clearly obvious question. I believe they are the same, but I’m just wanting to confirm my long sort after suspicion. Cheers!
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