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  1. Nice. That looks good. Been thinking about the same for mine. Really pleased with the fitment of my rears but fronts look similar to your before pic
  2. Nothing wrong with dashmats. Every car, my dad would get seat covers & a dashmat. Always felt a bit like plastic covers over the lounge suite in the good sitting room to me 😅 Picked this up from SCA. Around $50 for members. The car spends most of its time outside so thought I should get some protection before the dash starts splitting open
  3. I'm turning into my dad - I just bought a dashmat
  4. I got a bit excited by rotaty thingos when I took time off earlier in the year & picked up a bunch of stuff. Most of it Ryobi, some new, some off marketplace or Cashies. Got a couple of impact drivers, 3/8" ratchet, 1/2" impact wrench, compact hammer drill, an SDS hammer drill (THAT'S what I needed for making holes in concrete). Cashies can be a great source for cheap skins once you're into a particular ecosystem
  5. What's 428 hp in kw? Around 319kw? So squeaked it in. 2013 XR6T Antz intake 1000cc injectors PW stage 2 intercooler kit 4" dump pipe, S/S cat Tune by FPT
  6. popped some Superpro control blades in the FG this afternoon. I swapped in some Kings SSLs a couple of weeks ago and suddenly it developed a real clunk in the back end. Assumed that I'd screwed something up since the noise started right around that time. Turns out the OEM blades were flogged. So now, I'm low, smooth and it's not as squirrely in rear when putting the power down. So it's like I've added HP too.
  7. dayum. Both my parents had XYs at one point or another when I was growing up. Not GTs though. Just regular Falcons & Fairmonts, worth pennies at the time. I've always wanted one but prices are just getting beyond me now.
  8. 😂 I'm actually waiting on an intercooler for the car that already has a barra
  9. 370. I actually found more soft tops than coupes within my budget. Was looking for a nice coupe but thought it would be fun to try my first convertible. Loving it so far
  10. I've found a few airbox kits that provide an optional BOV return in the intake pipe. But didn't see them until after I'd ordered the Antz kit. Might have to see if I can find someone who can weld one on for me because that looks much better than my idea to feed it into a hole in the airbox
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