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  1. Have I accidentally found something kinda cool... A prototype BF Typhoon?? Check the build number, P002. Which I'm pretty sure is an FPV prototype number? https://www.carsales.com.au/dealer/details/Ford-Performance-Vehicles-F6-Typhoon-2005/OAG-AD-16248889 There was the BA GT prototype that some guy was asking crazy money for ($200k) a little while back, with build number P001. Obviously this isn't as collectible and has done lots of km etc.. But still. Is it the prototype?
  2. Thanks so much for working your magic mate!!! Absolutely stoked with the results, it pulls hard and feels so much better through the midrange... And then the top end from about 4800rpm is hectic! Running perfectly and I don't want to hop out of it after driving, I love it haha. Thanks for your hard work and attention to detail! Ps. Ebay 'heater'... Hahahah
  3. I don't post much but I read the forum constantly. I'm just trying to find out more about my car and its potential (mostly technical mods, or guides how to fix stuff). Things are documented so clearly, like guides to take out the dash etc. You can't find that sort of info on FB!
  4. Wait what?? Two things: 1. 346kw on a crappy cooler is crazy :o 2. There's two guys involved?? JD tuning =Jet + Dude...? Who's the other dude??
  5. Yep my FG has the 'launch control' but all it does is limit RPM to 3500 with the clutch in. Saves the car from a limiter bashing clutch dump I guess... It doesn't really launch too effectively on streets (too much throttle)
  6. Have got this part sorted, (am not a noob driver but just a noob launcher ), so that'll be fine - was wondering if that was the aim to get back to the floor ASAP or if there's a better way, given the propensity to smoke in these cars haha Cheers to all, I need to find a private road and practice I think
  7. Got it :D And the short shift to 2nd - snap it in and floor it again ASAP, or ease it in and get to the floor gradually?? I imagine that depends a bit on tyres /grip levels etc, but what's the ideal scenario?? Edit: all my 'spirited driving' (cornering, braking, heel-toe shifting) is well rehearsed, but I've never learned to launch hard because I have a large dose of mechanical sympathy haha
  8. Excellent advice, I like it a lot... Apart from burning through a clutch every fortnight this is with TC off, correct?? And, so you're saying 1st gear is practically useless on the street (since it just produces smoke) - hence the short shift to 2nd?
  9. So all up, what are we (the collective) thinking is the fastest way to launch one of these manual suckers on the street: - baby turbo - 280-300rwkw - TC off - find sweet spot with lots of practice Or is the stock power level even better for launching??
  10. Can't remember who it was that said to drive with traction control off permanently ( maybe @camo86 )... Tried to launch my manual tonight with TC off, oh boy. Gonna take a few practices to get that dialled in! Accidentally smoked it up [emoji14]
  11. Man I love reading theses posts. Counting down the days till it's my turn in a few weeks :D :D nice work mate!
  12. Nice write up mate!! Where on earth did you find genuine argents in such good condition for $700?!? Gumtree?? FB? I've been looking for ages and haven't come across a deal that good still
  13. hopper8

    Dba 4000 Rotors

    I see, yes I haven't been to a track and doubt I will with mine (maybe just a hill climb for laughs). So as long as they hold up through the hills, I'm happy!! They did go well last night aside from one instance of fade - I think since the temp marker didn't activate, the fade would have been fluid related. Once I do fluid I should be set :D
  14. hopper8

    Dba 4000 Rotors

    Ahh I see!! 4 running laps is pretty good for such little brakes, I'd be fine with that. Was the fluid ruined by running at Mallala?? Or did you run at Mallala with dead fluid and that's what made them fade? (probably being thick but can't figure out what you're saying )
  15. hopper8

    Dba 4000 Rotors

    Thanks Puffster! I'm not wound up about knowing the 'actual temp' of them - don't really care. I just don't want to end up past the max temp the rotors are meant for (like yours ). I'm quite surprised mine didn't change colour, I gave them a fair caning last night. I'll have to try harder I guess Still didn't quite avoid fade eventually, but I haven't got up to doing fluid yet so I think that'll fix the last of my brake issues!
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