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  1. Wow very efficient, 475 @ 18psi. Whats the Torque on that?@ arronm. Dion didn't like the exhaust flow turning 90° out the external gate. Could be a factor. Restrictive cooler maybe.
  2. Yeh 85. Should it be more power for 28psi? 1 of the mufflers has been hit and dinted. Could that be why?
  3. In 3rd now🤘. Is it normal for the TC to hardly kick in at this level?
  4. Recent update. Took the car to dynomite and got the roady. It went on the dyno and only made 411kw. Dion did this retune ( in pic ) with the same psi. He said it had 30kw more but was concerned about the bottom end.
  5. I'm surprised he's not mentioned on here very much. Fastest Aus & street barra etc. Hes doing the lot on mine, roady, tune, suspension, screamer re plumbed, and will be ready nxt week. Glad I went there.
  6. Cheers, will go there for sure now. Looks like he knows his barras too( youtube).
  7. Has anyone used or would recommend Dyno-mite Performance for tuning? (5min away).
  8. Thanks for all the advice👍. Best Ford / Barra forum by far.
  9. Yep will do, wanted to plumb the gate ex back to the dump anyway. Not as noisy on wot too. Will cut the cooler pipe down for the time being. Have to keep taking it to another mechanic/s who will sign off on the external gate. Have to lift it too, scraping every speed bump. ssl kings all round maybe.
  10. Finally loaded some pics. Does that look like a standard ex manifold? Would be happy an prefer to just plumb the gate exhaust back into the dump if that's all it took.
  11. Looks like a stock manifold. Will take pics and try uploading them tomorrow. Would a limit of 2,000rpm +/-stop any spooling? Hundreds of similar cars would have somehow been through this and got a roadworthy.
  12. I asked can it be plumbed back into the exhaust and he said it has to go completely. They have to take photos now for vic roads. Might get a 2nd or 3rd opinion. If that doesnt work could get another tune/xcal and have have a grandma tune with the wastegate removed for the roadworthy. Wanted a 98 tune anyway. 😂@ as if, never had a post worthy car till now.
  13. Gday all, 1st time poster long time lurker. Use to own an 08F6 and was hanging to get another one with all the mods done this time. Brought a 2010 FG F6 sedan over the weekend, 170,000ks 😖. Needless to say it pulls like a 14yo. Previous owner had it tuned by sparks performance in Melb. He said the mods are: Valve springs and head studs have been done. Race equipped stage 3 turbo, 68mm billet core. 45mm external wastegate (plumbed to the outside under the car) Stage 3 PW Intercooler. PW full fuel system with surge tank, pittsburg pump and fuel pump voltage booster. 1100cc injectors. Built ZF, input shaft and something was done with the drive plate, (cant remember exactly) Battery relo with a 4" intake. huge trans oil cooler. 4" Xforce exhaust. Loud af unfortunately. Only runs on E85 and the car didn't come with or need a device. Pretty sure its a standard tail shaft (with loops) and diff. he said it run 10.6 at Calder on 235 radials. will post some pics / Dyno sheet soon. The car come without a Roadworthy (was cheap imo) . Brought it to my mechanic to see if it would pass with the surge tank and he said its fine. He did say the External Wastegate has to go. Should I remove the Wastegate and block it up only for the roadworthy and tell them to not let the car go on boost 😱. Or does anyone here have any other ideas or know of a mechanic that would overlook this for a Roady in Melb?
  14. I'm buying an fg f6 with exactly the same noise vibration,getting some money off for the noise though..... How did you go with the noise? What did you end up getting fixed/ replaced and did it work?
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