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  1. Happy Birthday myXR6turbo!

  2. Happy Birthday myXR6turbo!

  3. Happy Birthday myXR6turbo!

  4. Happy Birthday myXR6turbo!

  5. Centreforce Dual Friction Clutch

  6. Centreforce Dual Friction Clutch

    yeah, my heavy duty exedy is not holding that well. I was asking if you guys had any experience with the centreforce clutch
  7. Hi I was wondering what you guys think of this clutches and what power are they good for. Mine is starting to slip when it gets a bit warmer. Would it hold over 370 rwkw. Thanks
  8. Night Cruise 22nd August 2008

    My T/C does not work, I had to stay of boost otherwise happy rear
  9. Night Cruise 22nd August 2008

    yeah, had some fun, just in the way back from maccas I had the cops on my tail and had to slow down and lost you guys. They stayed behind me for 10 min, so had to stick to the limit.
  10. Night Cruise 22nd August 2008

    looks like im in, what road is this caltex on
  11. Night Cruise 22nd August 2008

    I might come along not sure yet
  12. Put me down for one as well. let me know as you as you get rollin
  13. Ford Axle's A Rip Off

    I just blew the right one at the wsid the other night. Lost all drive.

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