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  1. Happy Birthday Mr Man!

  2. Happy Birthday Mr Man!

  3. Happy Birthday Mr Man!

  4. Happy Birthday Mr Man!

  5. I've got a set of 4 territory wheels for sale, pm me if you're interested.
  6. how did you go with tough mudder?? we had an awesome weekend!
  7. nah 4300k is white, 6000k is like a diamond white with a slight blue hue. the kit you require is a "bi-xenon"
  8. pretty sure its 20km with 25 obstacles, gonna be a ball!!!
  9. yeah I'm doing tough mudder with a team from my gym.
  10. thanks mate, I ended up with genuines and the utes running perfect again! agreed! cheers for that.
  11. pretty sure they're H11's http://db.hella.com.au/images/CG1255.jpg
  12. I dont know about brembo's, but the copies clear my AP Racing 4 pots
  13. ever considered doing Crossfit? I do Crossfit and resistance training as well and I've never been fitter!
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