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  1. Thinking if going down to 19" from 20" currently have 20x10.5 +30 offset with 275. Anyone fitted 305 or 295 on the back of a BA sedan? My guards are rolled and flared
  2. All good, nah the number plate is juiced
  3. Thanks, I can't find my time on that list lol
  4. SA, Goran ( JUICED ) 10.74@126.63 mph BA 4speed auto, tuned by Heinrich Performance
  5. So 315 definitely won't fit even with flared guards on a sedan
  6. What's the widest tyre you guys fitted on the back of you BA/BF sedan? Anyone tried 305 or 315 on a 19" rim flared guards?
  7. Looks good, what size and offset are those wheels in the pic with the bonnet up?
  8. Im gonna get camber kit from Pat so I can run heaps of camber on the front but for the rear maybe it will be safer to get +29 so I can fit 275 on
  9. Im thinking of getting 19x9.5 +12 front and 19x10 +17 rear for a BA not sure if that would be too agressive

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