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  1. Happy Birthday Dootboy!

  2. Happy Birthday Dootboy!

  3. Holy sh*t. I just realised after reading this post I have installed my turbosmart BOV backwards..... Car was making crazy turbo flutter and has for last 3 months. Is there anyway to tell if I've done damage???? Funny thing is it was initially making the loud swoosh but stopped after installing plazmaman CAI?............ Any info would be awesome cheers guys.
  4. Thanks for the advise, my tuner sust it this morning. Apparently it was non car wash related just coincidental... One of the sensor parameters had not been increased from factory setting and was causing CPU to think there was an issue. 20 minute fix... Thanks guys.
  5. Hey guys, wasn't sure where to ask this but has anyone had an issue after driving though a car wash? Sounds silly but I had my 2012 FG tuned for the first time last week. Now running 380HP!!!! And yes smilin from ear to ear anyway, I drove through the car was yesterday and now the check engine light is on. Was not able to fit the stone deflector up as the radiator has been moved back an inch and the intercooler is much much bigger. Not sure if this is tuned related or water somewhere it shouldn't be? The car is driving perfectly for now... I have called my local Super Cheap store to see if they have a diagnostic checker but they do not. I was obviously hoping the water would dry out and the light would turn off but not the case this morning. Before I take it back to my tuner I was hoping if I through it out someone might have a better idea than me? Any info would be greatly appreciated. Cheers guys. Chris.
  6. I'm got my 2012 FG booked in next week for similar issues, when I drop the clutch I get massive clunks, traction control off same deal. Feels like the rear wheels are bouncing and not spinning, Ford dealer looked at me like I was mad when I explained it. Was this the same issue you had? I'm finding it hard to get any info as the mech's at my local ford have a combined age of 14....,
  7. Wow..... Just read entire post. Where do you start? Purchased a 2012 FG MkII in sexy Sunburst, only 15,000 on clock a week ago. Heaps of awesome info on here but now I'm a little overwhelmed with what I should start with. What can I get away with without having to jump on a dyno? I'm in Bathurst NSW and don't really trust any of the tuners here. Thinking about collecting parts and heading to Sydney for the tune but interested in what I can get away with fitting myself before dyno tune. Nearly purchased a x-force 4" dump system but might pass after what I have read from other members and how hard it is to tune with one on. Just sold my bike and have about 4G's to spend in total but would like to source parts myself so I don't get ripped. Any info would be greatly appreciated. Cheers.
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