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  1. Happy Birthday aphexer!

  2. Happy Birthday aphexer!

  3. Happy Birthday aphexer!

  4. Happy Birthday aphexer!

  5. Happy Birthday aphexer!

  6. aphexer

    Eratic Idle

    ok, cars back from 60km service performed by reputable local mechanic. had the three maintenance issues addressed - lubricate electronic solenoid, tighten exhaust manifold and clean throttle body. Throttle body was filthy, exhaust manifold was slightly loose and electric solenoid was in need of WD40 :D did a full oil & filter change. idle now is near perfect, doesn't hunt thru the revs any more. however, due to the carbon buildup in the throttle body it has contaminated the oxy sensor and is throwing up error codes. doesn't affect idle as such, but will affect fuel economy. $330 for a new one dang! hope this helps anyone with a similar problem!
  7. I was looking at buying one of these kits! what do u apply the stuff with? hand or buffer?
  8. xr6boy: I contacted a lawyer that specializes in traffic offenses. given my track history (about 3 minor speeding fines prior) he said, its your word against theirs. Not worth the exercise. I just copped it on the chin and got on with it. since having my full licence, I don't get anywhere near as much attention for "random" pull-overs. female cops love the 20's too
  9. I used to get a lot of cop attention in my EF Xr6 (17" AJR's, big stereo) despite the car being fully roadworthy. one night I was pulled over 4 (yes, FOUR) times... asked the cop whether they log each car they pull over, which they don't. one cop tried to book me for 30km.h over the limit, despite me having my cruise control on. laughed at him and asked for a radar readout, which he couldn't supply. he then went on to say "you P-platers in these sort of cars are the idiots that kill people on our roads" and proceded to write a ticket for me crossing double white lines even though I didn't. I was fuming, and he said "take it to the courts pal, your word against 2 cops. good luck to ya" I'm not even a threatening person that looks like a hoon! hell, I have red hair! with the XR6T which I've had since getting off my P's, I rarely get pulled over. although, if its a young male cop, he will usually jump on his high horse and try to throw the book at me. if its an older bloke, they tend to appreciate the fact I work hard for my car, I'm passionate about it and its well looked after. once when I was pulled over in the EF, I asked the cop which cars they target and he said they are instructed to pull over P-platers, WRX's, VL turbos, XR6 / XR8 and skylines. they're popular performance cars, and more often that not driven by dickheads that ruin it for the rest of us well behaved folk. I'm done ranting.
  10. aphexer

    Eratic Idle

    I've got the exact same problem with my 10/03 xrt 5spd... put the clutch in while rolling 20 - 40km/h and the revs start to hunt, 250rpm - 1000rpm occasionally stalling. always on 98RON, BP Ultimate 99% of the time. centre muffler removed, Typhoon CAI & K&N filter, turbosmart bov. seems to behave a little better with the aircon on, but sometimes it'll just stall anyway. low end torque is horrid off the line, if I have 4ppl in the car, luggage and air con on, I might not be able to get off the mark without riding the clutch! she's going in for a non-dealer service on tuesday, I'm asking to have the throttle body cleaned, electric solenoid cleaned & lubed and exhaust manifold tightened back to spec I'm sure most of u guys have seen this thread http://www.fordforums.com.au/showthread.php?t=73561 I'll let u all know how it goes... failing that, it'll be getting edited (wanted to do it anyway) and see how nizpro goes with getting her running smooth again!
  11. I was just talking to a bloke that is running 420rwkw and 1150nm thru his t5 in a mk1 xr6 turbo ute with extensive tranny upgrades... I'll try and talk to him more next time I see him to find out what was done and what sort of cost is involved, cos he is running some serious numbers!
  12. unfortunately toyota as a manufacturer is not synonymous in australia in making performance sedans. Camry is type-cast as the "grandpa car", hence why they have released the Aurion to hopefully get a fresh start. overseas, toyota was making some quick sedans over 10 years ago with the aristo and the chaser with the 1JZGTE 3.0L twin turbo from the toyota supra! toyota never raced around the mountain, and therefore doesn't get the respect from your red (or blue) blooded aussie male. the build quality and engineering in toyota vehicles is world class, hence why they are one of the biggest manufacturers in the world. I would drive an aurion out of curiosity to see how it goes, but I would only own a RWD performance sedan, and it has got to have the blue oval on it in order to have any street cred with me
  13. its funny to see in reviews that the verdict of choice between the BF & VE is generally pretty close, with the VE only just edging out the BF. it should do! for a car that is now 4 years old, had half of the development budget to only just be beaten, let alone be considered a point of comparison to the Expensive Daewoo is an accolade in itself! Expensive Daewoo must be pretty disappointed to spend $1bil to essentially "catch up" to ford. after seeing what Expensive Daewoo have delivered, I hope ford pulls the gloves off for the orion by not only topping the VE commodore, they should bury them.
  14. aphexer

    Shift Alert

    lol, I did exactly tthe same thing... it randomly beeps under all sorts of conditions, and the light doesn't stay on long enough in the cluster for me to recognise...
  15. theblackpig: looking at the pic attatched by missaly, the picture seems pretty well centred. your making me panic cos I'm having the unit fitted this week!

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