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  1. Hello everyone, hope all is well. I've been away for awhile, haven't been well but getting there slowly but I'm baaaacccckkkkk.
  2. Nice won @.Stripes. I have just done the same but still waiting on power company to come out and do their bit to the meter. 23 panels 270W 5kw inverter
  3. Someone new is just showing off........... 1 month band. Getting Solar put on the house this Tuesday went all out with 6.5kw with 23 panels. Can't wait
  4. Morning, Nope I wouldn't eat the mentos. Happy Friday people
  5. it's my daily medication that helps me escape to clear the mind that doesn't stop. Maker Make thank you
  6. Keith where is everyone else lately?
  7. no good matey. if school holidays get local kid to walk the dog $10 I'm hating all internet ATM still unable to load down site wont open. Even changed to + still nothing. Any other idea people? Going away today back sunday will try again then.
  8. Almost Keith Tomorrow is happy day. Last day of work and then we're off. Picked up the most important thing today...............BEER. My new favorite is Murray's Angry Man a Pale Ale soooooo nice.
  9. Looks all right only thing is those brakes have been cooked or is it just dirt/dust?
  10. Yes know that feeling of waking up with a sore back, it's not a good feeling. It's so hard to find a good mattress that both like.
  11. Hi Keith hurt my lower back at work last week moving equipment filled in incident report as per work policy. Work policy states, they have 7 days to reply to report today is day 7. My back still hurts so thinking of ringing in and have some time off. Never in my working career I'v claimed for compo ,just hate the idea. I've been at NSW Health for around 16 years so thinking it's time but only down side to it, is I'm going away this Thursday up the coast for my sons swimming and taking the van just the 2 of us. Wont look good if I claim compo.
  12. Yes I know just hate giving out details. anyway its all done.
  13. FFS..........been on hold for 20min all because the Gov have made changes what was easy to make a medicare claim. Now you have to create a on line account at mygov to do anything now............FFS. What's wrong with walking into a office like the good old days. Took like 5min back then.
  14. gotta wonder why hasn't it already been done or is there something you're not telling us Dan...........hmmm
  15. sounds like a info commercial.............but wait if you call now you'll give you a free esky, that's right a FREE esky to the first 50 caller............. Just joking Dan Hope everyones been ok.
  16. Keith!! Come on the Blue's. I was going to take a sickie to watch the game but will take Tuesday off and watch the Socceroo's play.
  17. If you like a Pale Ale Murray's Angry Man is real nice. Not cheap at $78 a case. Got myself Makers Mark #46 about 3 weeks ago......OMG so smooth worth trying and worth getting on the special occasions.
  18. NOT at all Mr Keith worked fine before. Can't remember what I did last time to access site.
  19. I think that's my plan will need to double check. Good test last night with everyone on wifi seem to good ok and as my son said it's not laggie EDIT: since the change over I'm unable to connect to YTS. Help please! Morning good people.
  20. hellooooo everyone. a eventful day trying to communicate with telstra about NBN. Anyone no real help from then rather than them hanging up on me because of my F-this F-that C-you etc etc. speed test in: Download 44.46 Upload 15.86 not sure if its good or bad. I hope everyone has a great weekend.
  21. had very very rough 1.5 weeks mate. Hows your end of Oz?
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