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  1. Happy Birthday jasper361!

  2. Happy Birthday jasper361!

  3. Happy Birthday jasper361!

  4. Happy Birthday jasper361!

  5. jasper361

    Selling Car

    I agree, that's why I thought the dealers would be keen to do a deal but they're more than happy to let you walk out the door, I guess some things are out of our control!
  6. jasper361

    Selling Car

    Cheers guys, it's so bizarre, I traded an 04 XR6T to get the typhoon and got 22K for it, don't figure! It definitely doesn't encourage you to buy another FPV or even an Aussie made vehicle.
  7. jasper361

    Selling Car

    Hi All, I am currently looking to trade in or privately sell my BFII Typhoon which is in great condition and has 131,000km on it, yes quite high but it is a work vehicle. And I am absolutely gob smacked at the trade in dealers are offering, between 18k-20k max, I have it privately listed as well for $27990 which I though was pretty reasonable but no takers. For those of you who are selling similar vehicles is this where the market is at? or am I expecting too much? Any thoughts would be appreciated. Cheers, Scott
  8. Submarines once...

  9. jasper361

    F6 Insurance Woes

    Im 41 and paying $873 with QBE in Brisbane rating 1.
  10. jasper361

    Rba Vs Dba

    I have been using RDA golds on the front with EBC red stuff pads for the last 60,000km with no issues (street driving only). They definitely don't have the stopping power of the Brembo's but were less than half the price. I am now about to change to a set of DBA4000xs through Hiro who has given me a great price + outstanding service so I can get a little closer to the original performance. Scott
  11. jasper361

    Say Hello To My Little Friend

    Welcome and good luck with the new toy! Good to see another ex pusser onboard.. :headbang2:
  12. jasper361

    Fuel Consumption F6 Typhoon

    I'm on the road most of the day, mainly city driving with the occasional spirited driving, I'm averaging around 12.9-14.0 l/100k.
  13. jasper361

    Bf Phoon 4Pot Brembo

    Machining would have been my first option, but I was told by 2 different brake specialist there was nothing left on them.
  14. jasper361

    Bf Phoon 4Pot Brembo

    Forget about getting them skimmed, my lasted me 60,000, I'm now on my third set of rotors at 125,000
  15. jasper361

    Gods_gift's Twin Throttle Body Wet Dream

    Don't forget by reclining your seat back to 177 deg increases the car's aerodynamics

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