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  1. m1rkz

    ute register

    Welcome mate. Also had an eye for the 86 very lovely looking car just a shame about the power. You'll enjoy the ute I know I have
  2. Got my car back today. She got a dayum fine ass
  3. Enjoy guys, I'd come along but I'm feeling fkn lazy this weekend and looking forward to doing next to nothing for it's entirety. Ps. Car goes in on Wednesday to get the rear bumper sorted after the nudge last week. Looking forward to having it all shmexy again.
  4. I got a g27 the other day and loving it so far. Got it 2nd hand but looks new the brake pedal has the upgraded spring. Very stiff. Also has had the clutch spring swapped with old brake spring. So different to drive with a wheel. Will add u on steam Tom my nick is m1rkz
  5. On ya stever hope all is well for them. Certainly would've been stressful but at least you were there to help
  6. Yeah got his name and number and took photo of his license so have his address etc too. Only thing I didnt do was get the rego number of the car he was driving. Will sms him tomorrow to get number plate from him and a quote for getting it fixed near work.
  7. Ripper, had someone bang into the rear end of the ute on the way home tonight. Damage doesn't look TOO bad, spewing I didnt have the towball in though, would've probably saved it. Mainly a light scuff along the back bumper, a decent dent in the haymen reece towball slot thingy, and another couple of scuffs/scratches on the rear bumper in spots. Guy doesn't have insurance apparently, he said for me to get some prices to get it sorted though, we'll see how this pans out.
  8. Yeah I'd heard that as well, which was nearly pushing me toward the PS4 version. I'm looking into wheels, really not sure what I want to get though. I'm thinking PS4/PC Compatible would be nice, but at the same time I don't currently own any PS4 games that require it (unless I buy this again for PS4 for some reason). The T500RS looks good, I like the pedal set etc, but the price at $7-800 ish isn't very appealing. The T300RS also looks interesting, but the pedals are sh*t, only having the brake/gas pedals (Though I can easily upgrade everything on this down the track if I got serious into sim driving).The G27 looks good too and comes with the stick shift as well, which the others don't have, but isn't compatible with PS4.
  9. So after looking at some reviews, screenshots and vids etc I decided to go buy the game on Steam. I purchased for PC because it appeared to be the superior version, and in future it wouldn't surprise me if there's mods and other wonderful things that the community put into it. Although I find it quite playable on controller, I'm thinking this game is going to be better suited to a wheel set up which I'm beginning to look into. Anyone else playing the game, have any thoughts or want to join up for sessions? Add me on Steam m1rkz.
  10. So the other day I was priced up for a 3.5" cat back Xforce system for around $1550 fitted. Looking at Best Mufflers I could pick up the system for around 1k + freight. How hard is it to fit at home yourself? Do you have to weld on the tips? & does it come with any gaskets or anything you'd need to fit? Anyone got one of these and can u advise if there's drone on a single? Is mild steel a bad thing (other than looks) or perfectly fine, would you get a different note and does it really not last long? (exhaust shop was telling me it'd cost me like $200 difference between s/s and mild, but I can see on the best mufflers site you can obviously save several hundred).
  11. Love the detail you go into. Great read mate and nice pick up on the Brembos.
  12. Think I saw the lucky strike bike a couple weeks back.
  13. Lol nice one. Just spoke to an exhaust place regarding the centre muffler removal thing I was on about a while back. He was telling me that if u go cat back it wont require a tune or anything, again I thought it would do... can anyone confirm ?
  14. I gotta change out my washer fluid. Smells like complete ass. I think when xft topped it up either the chemical they put in has mixed poorly with what was in there or ita just water that has since gone poorly.
  15. That's my car filthy tbh. It had a week's worth of cement dust, rain spots etc all over it
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