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  1. Happy Birthday 136Heat!

  2. Happy Birthday 136Heat!

  3. Happy Birthday 136Heat!

  4. Yeh like xxxrturbo said it got retuned to suit following the removal of the parts so its all good. Just as long as I know the typhoon diff is good for 350rwkw ish ill go for it
  5. I found a typhoon diff and axles for $750...I assume the standard typhoon diff is strong enough for 300+rwkw?
  6. yeh I already contacted them...their price is a bit out of my range (damn apprentice wages)...am lookin at roughly $1400 from them for a xr6t diff cradle
  7. cheers, is there much difference in terms of strength between the fg and ba/bf diffs? I got a 4spd. only thing with the one you showed me is its just the diff without the axles you wouldnt think the axles would be any different though between models though? id save alot of mulah if I just need to change the diff itself and diff bush
  8. would I be very wrong in hoping a fg diff would work? http://www.ebay.com.au/itm/Fg-G6e-Turbo-Sedan-Complete-Diff-Set-Up-40000ks-No-Noises-Falcon-Taxi-Xr6-Xr8-/261096367884?pt=AU_Car_Parts_Accessories&hash=item3cca8e670c
  9. indeed...I couldve been a *beep* and lied to everyone saying its a typhoon though lol at least I got one of the toughest futuras goin round
  10. sorry yeh I have barely been on here and I originally bought the car from him at the 292rwkw point with the stage 2 kit, but things got messed up through my finance company so it fell through...and he offered me the car for less without the plenum, intercooler, plenum and battery relocation kit but I never got around to changing my sig... there is nothing on the car apart from the diff that isnt typhoon so whatever anyone thinks I got an amazing car for an even better price so im stoked! :D
  11. Yeh it has a high flow cat my bad the rest of the exhaust is standard though...if I want to make it reliable do I need xr6T axles too or just the diff itself?
  12. And the auto has been strengthened
  13. I dont know the exacts of the process underwent as I bought it like this but in terms of upgrades the engine is original typhoon with bout 50,000kms, brembo brake upgrade, typhoon suspension and bushes, apparently the turbo has been built (no proof of this though), has 45lb injectors I think lol in terms of mods I think that's it..the exhaust is holdin it back along with cooler..I dont no the power figure as I havnt dynod it but im keen to find out

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