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  1. Happy Birthday Bolton!

  2. Happy Birthday Bolton!

  3. Happy Birthday Bolton!

  4. Hi guys I'm pretty sure Jamie said there was 14deg timing. And that there was more in it. Like I said he was quite shocked aswell With the power. Just keep the negatives to yourselves I didn't post it up show off or big note as stated by I <3 donkeys " it is what it is" will post my slip when I run it next! Cheers
  5. hi mate cheers!!! Walbro intank pump and Bosch 044 with process west surge tank
  6. file://localhost/Users/boltnutz23/Pictures/iPhoto%20Library/Masters/2012/09/25/20120925-203712/IMG_0854.JPG
  7. file://localhost/Users/boltnutz23/Pictures/iPhoto%20Library/Masters/2012/09/25/20120925-203712/IMG_0854.JPG
  8. Yeah John is a good bloke everything he had done to the car was perfect. Since I've owned it I have rebuilt the gearbox and put in a hardy spicer tailshaft and plazmaman cooler kit
  9. Yeah guys factory 35 has 6boost dump and 12psi actuator. Also stock motor just has valve springs and some 6boost injectors. I must admit the look on jamie from forced performance face when the car made the power was priceless lol
  10. Hi mate yeah I bought it off a member on here just over a year ago.
  11. YEOW! Previously having 411kw(E85) 24psi jamie from FORCED PERFORMANCE/6BOOST put it to me that I need a bigger cooler and he had the right one for me. I was running a Nizpro stage 1 with standard f6 airbox (which it ran a 10 ) But 2days before pc I installed a Plazmaman 800hp kit with under battery intake. Now we thought it would make a difference but the final results amazed the sh*t out of us lol The first run it went 480kw. Then Jamie had a play and final result was 487kw 653hp on 21psi. Powercruise went well car ran sweet. Thanks heaps to Jamie & Kyle for all the help. I will be taking it back to the track in the near future,hope for a 10.50 @136-138mph!?
  12. 411kw 131mph (10.92) I now have 481kw........hope for 140mph full street trim?

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