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  1. Happy Birthday Ewaaaah!

  2. Happy Birthday Ewaaaah!

  3. Happy Birthday Ewaaaah!

  4. FPV GT Rspec
  5. FPV GT Rspec
  6. Congrats on your beast mate!!! How r u and the rest of the guys liking your new machines?? I just sold my FPV GS 315 and got one of these bad boys! Took a couple of shots, but I'm not aloud to wash it for 3 days because of the after care! Has anyone tuned the rspec yet? If so what power r we looking at? I know it shouldn't be different from the rest of the coyote but it would be interesting to see results from an rspec!!
  7. Cheers guys I will Look them up and get some recommendations!! hey benny have you had much work done to your beast?? what power you pullin or aiming for??
  8. Thanks for the advice benny, I will be moving to brisbane so it will be alot less humid!!! so I will troll this forum to see who I can trust in brisbane to tune my beast.... Well to be quite honest with ya I just want to get it over 400 and I will be happy, just didnt know where to start. Looking at the police GT 400rwkw, it only has exhaust and pully change , so im thinking if they did that and that's the only difference it might be a viable option!! unless better guidance with lower but safer coin can be given!!
  9. Hey dude any updates with this??? how did you go? get what you were after???
  10. Hey lads I'm toying with the idea of a few more gentle mods to bring the girl upto 400rwkw!! any suggestions would be greatly appreciated and I will be moving to brissie area. From what I have been told injectors, exhaust and retune will return those numbers. What is the fuel like after injectors as I was told once u replace injectors, u can't retune the veh to standard tune for services etc because of how the ecu is mapped in the tune. The stats of my car if u haven't read the start of the thread is tuned on 95 in Townsville ( hot and humid climate ) and is making 352rwk
  11. Happy Birthday Ewaaaah!

  12. Thanks for the support and guidance guys!!! unfortunately I wont be hitting the track any time soon, as the scrutineer told me I couldn't take my car down as it was too fast (not time but MPH) and required a 4 point harness. So this being the appropriate thread, my next mod is to find a good 4 point harness (2 1/2 in - 3 in wide) and without ripping the car apart. A bit devo seeing it was my first time and I cant take it back in a hurry lol! anyway as promised below is a link to a run and there are more in the channel.
  13. Ok so as an update, I had my first time at the drags and have to say I need a lot more practice lol! My launch's were rubbish but reaction got down to .790, 60ft 1.899 and best best run from 10 that night was 12.74. Tyre pressure was high at 40 psi on standard dunlops and the tyre temp was up at 65-70 deg cel. Ill upload a link for a vid sneak peek!, take it easy on me lol!!! Sent from my iPad using my right hand HD
  14. Ok so as I said I would update u guys once I got the tune!!!! Now don't get me wrong I'm extremely happy with this tune but I thought it would squeeze a little more out of it..... Considering it is a lot more humid up here in the tropics and apparently not using bp ultimate 98 octane makes a difference to the tune, I used premium vortex 95 octane. The overall out comes as 352.1 rwkw with 655 nm torque, for more info see attached Dyno sheet.
  15. Wayno the tune is around 1000 bucks roughly, well I hope that a tuned GS should smash a std xr6t ute!!! brett I havnt really got much time to travel to Mackay for this tune, but Aitkenvale Auto are doing this one for me and I have been told that they are one of the better ones here in Townsville. But really if a tunes no good how hard is it to re-tune?!! plus more work down the track he maybe an option. By the way the drag way day has now changed to sunday, only for this weekend so ill be rippin it down!! cant wait to get amongst it.......... and brett if ya down there come over and say hi!!

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