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  1. Happy Birthday PCW!

  2. Hi Guys, I am getting this message when the audio is put on to ipod mode. It will not change from this and seems to be "stuck" Have pulled fuses and the main battery to try and re-set but still nothing. Anyone else had this issue and what did you do to fix. Car is a series 2 FG XR6 Cheers, Pete
  3. Hi All, I need a recommended smash repairer in Bayside Melbourne. My car was hit in the rear last week and I need to find someone who will do a really good job at repairing and is good at paint match etc. It is being paid for by the person at fault and don't care what it costs. I just want the paint to be better than factory. It is a soft hit but will need a new bumper skin and the boot needs repairs and paint. Tail lights and quarters are un touched. (Not a big hit at all) Would appreciate any suggestions you have. Cheers, Pete
  4. Hi Guys, Not sure if anyone is interested, but thought I would put a shot up of the no holes clic0n dash mounts you can buy from www.holdmyphone.com.au I have used the one on the right for my Samsung Note 3 and the one on the left is for a new Icom IC-450 UHF radio I installed on the weekend. These are great mounts and removable without leaving any marks. Worth looking at if you need to mount a phone etc. Cheers, Pete
  5. Happy Birthday PCW!

  6. Had the same issue with my G6E Turbo. After six trips to service they could not tell me what the issue was but by disconnecting the battery and re-setting, this would normally fix the issue. From what I understand, the battery they put in these cars is borderline power and if you go to start the car and it drops voltage, the car will turn of peripheral items, Air cond being one of them. If you drive the car, this puts power back into the battery and once you disconnect and re-start, this normally fixes it again. The best suggestion I have is get a Better battery with a higher CCA rating. this
  7. Hi Guys, Not sure if anyone may be interested, but I have just installed a custom antenna boot mount on my car. The issue I had was now driving an XR6, the standard L or Z bracket wont clear the spoiler when you open the boot. After lots of hunting on the internet, I found the company that makes the mounts for the NSW Police cars. Company is Industrial Evolution in Sydney. www.industrialevolution.com.au After a little bit of trial fitting and tweaking the angles, very happy with the install. Cost is around $33.00 including express post.
  8. Happy Birthday PCW!

  9. Hi guys, I have a mate in Bendigo Victoria and he needs a decent suspension place for his FPV F6 Type R. If any one has some suggestions I can pass on it would be much appreciated. Cheers, Pete
  10. It's not something to do with Bluetooth pairing with your wife's mobile phone?
  11. Hi Boys, Was looking at some wheels for my G6ET and was thinking a set of staggered 18s Having a look at the specs below, am I going to have issues with the CB (67.1) on the 18x8's I am presuming the rears should be ok with 73.1 CB Cheers for any help. Pete Specifications: - Design: BBS LM StylingColor: Hyper SilverFront Wheel Size: 18-inchesFront Wheel Width: 8-inchesFront Wheel Offset / ET: 35Front Wheel Center Bore: 67.1Rear Wheel Size: 18-inchesRear Wheel Width: 9-inchesRear Wheel Offset / ET: 35Rear Wheel Center Bore: 73.1Stud Pattern: 5x114.3 PCD
  12. What colour interior do you want. Mine is White with Cashmere 2010 and 66,000klms. It will be on the market in the next couple of weeks. One owner, full history, 19s, slightly lowered on kings. Let me know if you would like some photos. Pete
  13. Have to agree with Barnesy, I have had my G6ET for three years and love the Cashmere Leather. Even with two young kids (and two JRT's) the colour is great. As indicated, keep an eye on it and clean any marks when you see them. Black mats is also the way to go. Having just gone through another hot summer in Melbourne, I am so glad I dont have black leather.
  14. The other option with the seat is go to a car interior trimmer and get the foam changed. I'm sure they could bolster or put firmer foam in for you.
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