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  1. Happy Birthday Sutto!

  2. Happy Birthday Sutto!

  3. Happy Birthday Sutto!

  4. Happy Birthday Sutto!

  5. Happy Birthday Sutto!

  6. Sutto

    My Toys

    Haha.... I know I need a decent camera. My missus refuses to buy a new camera and would rather spend our money on the bikes/car. Working on it though.
  7. I know mines not the same car,but I was on the highway today and thought I'd watch the fuel reading.... I was getting between 6.7-7.5/100 km @ 110km/h. Pretty happy with that.
  8. Sutto

    My Toys

    Cheers guys.... the F6 is my first real car, always had bikes. Before that I've just driven run about cars, hatchbacks etc. Nah not the rigs....Navy. Just came off a 4 year (most of at sea) ships posting to work ashore as an instructor. So its good to be home to have a break and get into a normal life.
  9. Gave the bikes a clean today and thought I'd post a couple of pics of my toys. I've had the F6 for a couple of weeks and love it. Has the 6 speed auto and leather trim, tinted the windows but can't lower it due to just getting into our driveway now. 09 ZX10R, heaps of fun and when the F6 isn't fast enough it fills the gap. Too many mods to list... My 10R and the missus 09 ZX6R.... quick bike for a 600. Might be hers but I ride it more..... go figure. And my 2 toys together... Have no plans on selling the car.... but my next bike will probably be a Ducati 1198s, have to wait to go back to sea first. Sutto
  10. Won't be able to this week due to heading to Brissie.... but will come along another night.
  11. Nice car silverman. How often do you guys meet up at Harry's?
  12. Cool video.... been wanting to get mine out the drags, but waiting for a mate to finish building his new car. Can't wait to get out there now after watching that.
  13. I've got the ZF auto in my F6.... love it. After years of driving manuals, I test drove the manuals in the SS, GT, XR6t etc. A mate mentioned the ZF auto and recommended it and I haven't looked back. I don't know if its much different in computer control between the XR and the F6, but mine down changes easly when coming into corners or at a set of lights.... never sensed that it was looking for the next gear. Today I was helped the in-laws test drive some new Subaru's (WRX Sti spec R and the Liberty GT Turbo) in auto because that's what they wanted. I was suprised how boring the WRX was to drive, I had it selected in Sports Sharp Mode and it was crap. Sure it handled well but I couldn't feel the turbo and it didn't have any sound..... and we were really flogging this thing to see what it could do(apparently the manual is the way to go in the Sti, and for the auto they down tuned it by 50nm so not to blow the auto gear box). The Turbo Liberty on the other hand, even though it was 20kw less.... felt more responsive and had the lick and sound of a turbo.... alot more fun to drive and $20,000 less to buy. Anyways....sorry for getting off topic. Have fun with the new ride mate.
  14. Nice, if I didn't have such a sh*t driveway I'd lower mine too. Next property I look for will have a better driveway.
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