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  1. Happy Birthday andyxr6t!

  2. Happy Birthday andyxr6t!

  3. Happy Birthday andyxr6t!

  4. Hey all, Got a strange sound which I believe is coming from clutch/gearbox area (hard to locate) and unsure what it could be. I have got a 6 speed manual, the clutch was replaced approximatly 18 months ago with a organic high torque clutch. I have had an issue a few times when the gearbox is cold it is almost impossible to select any gear to the point it feels as if I have to almost snap the gear stick to force it into gear, this was also accompanied by the clutch having almost no play in it at all. As the car warmed it retured to its normal operation. As it only happened a few times I thought
  5. Happy Birthday andyxr6t!

  6. Happy Birthday andyxr6t!

  7. Hey all Over the past few weeks I have had some strange problems with my dash. What happens first is the traction control light comes on without any reason, followed sometimes by both my tacho and spedo drpping to 0 for a shot period of time. Usually within a kilometer or two of driving they kick back in and work normally. However over the last few days I have had this problem followed by all my warning lights all switching on (ABS, engine, etc) fuel and water temps zero out. The car seems to continue to function fine however to fix this I have to pull over switch off the car and restart. I ha
  8. btw, definitely up for a cruise early October.
  9. Thanks guys, was talking to a friend of a friend who is a police officer, he confirmed what you said. Ryan, was a bit of bad timing to be honest, was turning onto a main road from a side street in the rain with a tad to much throttle, stepped out slightly. Pretty much right at that moment a highway pulled up at the opposite corner. He turned and followed me so I just pulled over. He fined me for having my fog lights on, and just a usual car search. I guess I was lucky he could have been a real bastard I suppose. Anyways lesson learned, have to throw some more weight in the back next rain lol.
  10. Guys, Got a quick questions. I was defected tonight for my exhaust being under 100mm from the ground, and my BOV vented to atmosphere (according to the police). I have no worries about getting these cleared but was just concerned he has only given me until Monday evening to have this fixed. I know I cannot drive after this point but if I don't have this cleared by then does my car become unregistered? Thanks Andrew
  11. Turns out I had a few loose turbo bolts. All torqued and back in action Thanks for the help guys Andrew.
  12. Thanks Gasman, Its booked in at the tuners early next week, will have a look before hand to try narrow down the problem. Andrew.
  13. Ive had a quick look, but didn't look at the full intake as I though a boost leak would be present all the time not just in bursts. I will have a good look tomorrow. It defiantly happens in quick repetitive short bursts, about 2 a second until I drop off the gas. Andrew.
  14. Hey all, Last few days I have noticed a strange hissing noise at higher RPM. The hissing happens in short bursts(about 2 bursts a second)and I have only noticed it in higher gears under hard acceleration. The car has been tuned for well over 6 months and I haven't noticed this before, and was just unsure if it was something I should get checked out? It sounds as if the waste gate it dumping extra boost, however shouldn't the computer be controlling it better? Thanks for your help Andrew
  15. Thanks guys, ill check my boost sensor and lines when I get a chance this weekend. My only mods since the tune are an installation of boost and oil temp gauges. There was trouble with the stock actuator when tuning and a replacement was fitted, so I hope there isn't any problems there. Looking at my dyno printout, my peak boost would be no higher then 12.5 or 13psi (difficult to make out on the printout) My car was tuned at backtrack using a SCT 3 Flash Device, the power delivery is smooth much like the tune was, just packs more punch when it fully spools.
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