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  1. Happy Birthday moe!

  2. Happy Birthday moe!

  3. Happy Birthday moe!

  4. Happy Birthday moe!

  5. Thanks mate nah I brought it like that.. And I was told by the previous owner that the gearbox has been strengthened when he did the work to the car by c&v in Taren Point to make sure it didnt blow and to handle the power but im not sure what he meant by it?!
  6. Thanks mate And yeah standard cat my tuner was suprised to see the car make 309rwkw on 14psi with the complete stanard exhaust an pump. Hey told me no way the car would make over 270-280rwkw but it did... And yeh im gonna upgrade my airbox and panel filter then put in a walbro pump and re-tune.
  7. Yeah heard about this the other day might go wish it was a bit closer to Sydney though.....
  8. Ok great that's excatly what I wanted to no if all is good I'll go to eastern creek and hopefully run a 12 pass... If I have a bit of spare money left after the weekend then hopefully before I go I'll get the F6 lower box and a k&n filter and see how it goes Thanks for all the help people Will let you no how it all goes!!!
  9. Hey thanks for the reply im using the standard airbox and stock filter was going to get a K&N panel filter on the weekend does the F6 lower snorkel fit straight on to my airbox or do I have to customise or change anything?? Or if I just replace the whole airbox with a F6 one will that work better and will it fit without changing anything? Dont really wanna get a pod filter...
  10. Got it yesterday on ps3 havent stopped playin it awsume game and graphics.
  11. Yeah thanks for the reply CCCC if I need up going next week I'll just have to try and hold it down on the lights abit harder... Also will semi slick tyres help much even though the car didnt spin when I was running??? And also should I be using semi-auto our just put my foot flat down??
  12. Hey there I was holding it on about 2 or so rpm cause it felt like the car was gonna move if I pushed it anymore then that... I only tried it putting my foot straight down didnt try with semi-auto... I might be going again next week to try and get in the 12s I would really like a mid 12 or quicker my mate had a v6 turbo commo with big power he runs a 12.8 and I smash him on the street. Any info on helping me get a better time will be really helpful?!?! Thanks Moe
  13. Hey guys took my car to Western Sydney International Dragway and manage a 13.1 on street tyres with 20psi tyre pressure in them... Does that sound right for the work that has been done to my car?? Also of take off car didnt wanna move it wasnt spinning it was just bogging down but on high rev it really opened up any one no what would help the car achieve a better take off?? Would a custom exhaust help of take off? Sorry for all the questions but dont no much about these cars any advice well help... Thanks Moe
  14. moe


    Awsume looking car there mate

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