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  1. I abuse the sh*t out of mine,300rwkw's,clutch dumps,skids and a drag day haven't been enough to kill my stock 100 000k old FG clutch yet. I've got a mal wood one sitting in the box waiting to go in when this one's stuffed,but it's holding up awesome so far,GTX should see it out though I reckon. You must be farken hard on it to to kill it so quick.
  2. No e85 up here that I know of,and yes a long way from home if you live in the east.
  3. 12.5 in my manual @112mph on the weekend at calder,1.9 60 ft. I would have ran 10 12.9-13.5's first though. 300rwkw.
  4. What was that,if your out there to break gearbox's you suggest an auto? I'm going to order a set of nitto's for mine this week.
  5. First run out the drags today. Did a heap of 12.9-13.5's @ 110ish mph,I just couldn't get it to launch with the sh*t Chinese tyres I have on it. So last run of the day I'd promised someone a ride,I was already over it (I'd hoped for a 12.5 in full street trim),so I take old mate out. I could feel as soon as I launched it the arse just squatted and it took off perfectly,I got my 12.5@110 with a 1.9 60ft. To say I was happy was an understatement,this is a family car that I drove to the track and straight onto the track in full street trim,sh*t chinese 19's and all.Next up will be a set of sticky tyres,if I can bring the revs up off the line instead of taking off like a granny I reckon I can get it into 11's with this turbo.
  6. Hey man,didn't realise you were a member,I wandered over near your car today after we raced but didn't see you anywhere. Were you running slicks or semis though? 12.5@110mph 1.9 60ft some cheap arse random Chinese 19's (I cant remember the name). 300rwkw manual f*ck it's hard work launching a manual right with sh*t tyres,I did about 10 passes between 12.9-13.5 before taking a passenger for a ride for my last run before I went home, and it just hooked up perfectly and did the 12.5. I need more grip.
  7. Are you going to try for 10's on street tyres?On the 8's? I think I'm going to head in the same direction with my car,but being manual will be aiming for mid 11's in full street trim as I'd need 1000000rwkw or something to run a 10 with a tremec apparently.
  8. Loving the new found power for sure,but thinking a GTX is on the cards. Ah my poor wallet,it hates this car.
  9. G6JET now with 298.2rwkw's thanks to bluepower.
  10. Fitted my Process West stepped front mount kit today. Gotta say,great guy's to deal with and a great,well made product. Back in the shed: Bar off to get at everything: The old and the new: New one in place: Back together,and done: The kit was an absolute piece of cake to fit,took me a couple of hours from start to finish with a few interruptions,and did the whole job with nothing but a 1/4" socket set.
  11. I haven't been doing much on this of late,been tinkering on 351 xe ghia and moving house. I have fitted a plazmaman muffler replacement and airbox,the spool noise is addictive. I also have a set of injectors,an sct tuner,venom cat pipe here,and a stepped process west cooler and pipe kit on the way. It's booked into to bluepower next week for a tune....
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