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  1. Happy Birthday dlfswi!

  2. Happy Birthday dlfswi!

  3. Happy Birthday dlfswi!

  4. Happy Birthday dlfswi!

  5. I got to thinking what would make a SHO look better and came up with this. I stole the grill out of one of your XR6s and fitted into the SHO grill. I was wondering if Ford actually did put this grill in the SHOs in Australia would you guts like the SHO better. That and have a 6 speed manual transmission option.
  6. It's mostly European if you look at the Mondeo you'll see a lot of body styling came from there. I also see some of the styling from the XR6 in there.
  7. I do believe Ford stole the front end design from the XR6t with a reshaped/redesigned front headlights.
  8. I agree didn't do sh*t for me. I'd rather see them bring the XR6 over here. But the SHO isn't FWD it's AWD if that's any consequence. Also he said if we here in the US keep giving Ford our input on how we feel about this thing needing a MTX Ford should and would build one in the near future.
  9. I told him Ford wouldn't be in such bad shape over here if they had brought the XR6 to the US 4 years ago. He said he's just the designer of this car, but he thought I was right. He hopes the SHO fills all the needs of the Australian Ford owners because the SHO is going to be faster than the stock XR6. Here's a couple vids one of my car club buds took while we were checking out the thing. The designer said Ford is going to a one world car, I know that's not good news for you guys, but he said it may take a while for the SHO to get down there though. :(
  10. My car club fordbastards was invited to a private view the new Taurus SHO tomorrow at the Dallas AutoShow in Dallas, Tx. We are able to bring our cameras and pick the brain of the designer of the car. I'll try to get some pics and post some up. It's supposed to put down 365hp with the V6 EcoBoost engine. I'm going to ask them if they know what they plan on doing for you guys down there, if the SHO is going to be available for the down under folks. I plan on tellin' them they f'ed up not bringing the XR6 to the US. http://www.autoblog.com/2009/02/11/officia...ord-taurus-sho/
  11. Doesn't really mater to me I agree with you guys it's an ugly car compared to the XR6. And the new one isn't doing much for me either.
  12. Just think in these time of bad economies around the world for Ford the moneys they have spent on building and creating the new Taurus could have been spent engineering a LHD XR6 and exporting it all over the world. All Ford had to do is look under the hood of a BMW M3 LHD in the US market and figure it out from there. But Ford thinks they are smarter than everyone else in the cars business, sad, sad, sad.
  13. That's how much you want to bet the 1st Ford 500 was FWD?
  14. How much you want to bet the 500 was FWD? Next you will be telling me the Lincoln LS is FWD too.
  15. Ford hasn't built a FWD Taurus In over 3 years in the US, Ford even closed the factory that was building them in Atlanta, Ga. I have no members on my board from Australia so if they are still building the Taurus down there that's news to us. That's the problem with the Taurus it's never been RWD, they suck at drag racing because of the torque steer, I have at least 10 guys on my board their Taurus SHOs are producing over 400hp to the wheels. One his last dyno was at 630hp to the wheels. But the problem isn't the engine it's the sh*ty transmission can't handle the horse power. If these cars had been RWD we could have Taurus' running in the 9s and 10s at the drag strip. There's a guy in California that put a NA SHO engine in an Austin Healey that runs in the low 9s. Ford's biggest problem in the US is they aren't selling any cars period. Other than the Mustang Ford's US designers haven't got a clue to building a car that looks good anymore. If they could/would bring the XR6 turbo or any other cars that are listed on your general vehicle forum to the US they would be selling cars like crazy. Here's an example of the lovely color choice they give us here in the US. http://www.fordvehicles.com/cars/taurus/ Hit colors to see them, if you do the 360 view you will see the back looks like a Toyota, Ford US doesn't realize the people buying Toyota's don't buy them for their styling, they'd buy a shoe box if it got good gas mileage. Any way you guys have a great board over here only thing missing are some scantly clad females.
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