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  1. Happy Birthday tpinto!

  2. Happy Birthday tpinto!

  3. Happy Birthday tpinto!

  4. Happy Birthday tpinto!

  5. From what I was told the flash box has the information about what box the vehicle has got from the initial tune so when they update the software from sct everything gets downloaded automatically and you can not choose what you want downloaded. It's all or nothing but I'm sure other tuners will be able to clarify this .
  6. Don't know if there are any solicitors on this site but could this not be seen as some type of discrimination against owners of ZF's Why should these owners have to fork out the dollars for software they don't require or even want.
  7. Well I hope its true because that is what I was told by Jim from Tunehouse and that is why I just dished out $800 on top of another tune this morning for an Xcal 3...If its not true then someone has not been honest with me and Ive just thrown $800 in the trash......But I'm sure that is not the case, well I'm certain that is not the case.
  8. Hi all , Took the car in to Tunehouse for a service and some extra work and also a check up on the tune to make sure everything was running as it should be. Got a call from Tony yesterday morning to inform me that there was a problem with the Xcal 2 as it would not allow any settings to be changed after a software update. I ended speaking to Jim who informed that he had Just spoken to SCT and that the Xcal 2 was no longer supported if the vehicle has the ZF but will be at this stage if it has a manual box. This was due to the ZF tuning software now available with the update and that the only way around this was a Xcal 3, so my Xcal 2 is now nothing but crap unless I decide not to retune or have the settings touched or if I just want to change between tune type... SCT thanks alot there goes another $800 , when are you blokes going to bring out the Xcal 4 to make the 3 Ive just been forced to purchase because Ive got a ZF that I dont want touched redundant also ???
  9. True to an extent, but isnt this thread about how much the standard FG turbo can take???
  10. UHHHM does that mean that cars tuned on roller dynos getting 320 rwkws are actually producing 350 rwkws on the bitumen or every car that Jims tuned to 320rwks is actually only producing 290 rwkws, Im confused, oh and the torque 917 Nm is that wrong also, I know what 320rwkws feel like because I got that from another premier Sydney tuner on a roller dyno and I sure know that What I have now far exceeds that.
  11. Happy Birthday tpinto!

  12. Mostly all genuine Ford... FG F6 injectors. FG F6 intercooler. V8 air box but a GT box because the outlet is larger than a standard XR8,4 inch Dump , Genuine Ford GT exhaust from dump back (Yes twin), surge tank with bosh pump. and turbo Pipe kit. but I will say one thing Jim did tell me that it was one of the best breathing XR6s he has had in the shop and that's probably got a lot to do with the results.. And maybe the 5 or so hours on the DYNO
  13. Completely standard turbo...thanks to Jim and Tony at Tunehouse
  14. Mine runs 350 rwks with standard turbo and 917 nm and has been since July last year. still not one problem with ZF or diff
  15. Its a very common thing with fords since the AU. Ford have a product "LY70" but expect to pay a fair bit for a tube and you probably will never use it all up , they normally put some in the channels when you take the car in for a service. the problem you have if you don't lube the windows is that often you burn out the regulator motors quicker
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