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  1. Happy Birthday Mort!

  2. Happy Birthday Mort!

  3. Happy Birthday Mort!

  4. Happy Birthday Mort!

  5. Many thanks fellas..... I'm only planning on going somewhere in the low 300's at this stage anyway. So your comments sound promising. Thanks again. Cheers, Mort
  6. Hi Orangeute... Standard ZF 6 speed auto and standard diff. Cheers, Mort
  7. Hi all, My question is..... What is the max power you can mod your car before you start putting the gearbox and diff under too much pressure? I'm looking to play around with some mods, but I don't want to run the risk of killing the above mentioned items. Thanks guys. Mort
  8. URO-J3T, Mate, seriously.... Grab a NA xr6 if your really into the car style. A turbo is great, but at the end of the day.... it's not a learner's vehicle. Get some experience on the road. Trust me and everyone on this forum, you will have issues.... it's just a matter of time. It's always nice to have something to look forward to in life... make that your xr6t... when your off your P's. You will appreciate it so much more. I'm 31 now... I started off with a 1974 Corona MKII.... It was great fun. I went onto an 1996 EF falcon. Ran like clockwork. I'm finally driving a xr6t.... but, I'd never be able to drive it without the time I spent driving a lower powered machine. We'd all love to be driving a supercar... but the fact is.... we can't, and wouldn't be able to. Seriously, the old saying.... learn to crawl before you walk, rings true. Buy an old car and get some time on the road. Once your comfortable with driving and have 'sussed' the road and the traffic.... then think of upgrading. Not necessarily to a turbo, but to a larger car. I think the above guys have all been in a similar place in their lives. Take their advice and just chill. Your young and have heaps of time to have fun in high powered cars. My 2 cents....
  9. Broaders77, I feel for you mate. That's a hefty sum of coin to depart with. I think this has always been a problem though when it comes to servicing cars. I'm not sure about the rest of you, but I have only ever owned older cars, and no matter what I bring the cars in for, there always seems to be something else to fix. Unfortunately, if your like me, and don't know a whole heap about the mechanics of the car, you just have to take the guys word for it. :( I've just purchased a new FG XR6 Turbo. I will use Ford for the warrantee work, but after it's expired... I think I might need to track down a great mechanic in Brisbane somewhere. I hope it runs like a dream now Broaders. All the best, Mort
  10. Hi all, Just curious. I have been trying to find some replacement solutions for the factory FG screen/audio. Turns out that the whole climate control etc running through the unit is the problem. If you purchase an aftermarket unit, your controls for the A/C, for example is buggered. Does anyone know who makes the factory screens by any chance? Any help would be much appreciated. Cheers, Mort
  11. Mort

    Fleet Pricing

    Hey Andrew, Just for your info... I got the following quote for a new FG last week. Specs: XR6T, Lightning Strike, Premium Sound, Tech Pack, Scuff Plates, XR mats and headlight Protectors. $51,000. That was in Brisbane. Was told that was the price after the July price change. Was told that price has been reduced by $5,500. ($56,600 Retail price) Cheers, Mort
  12. Mort

    Your First Car?

    Here's my first weapon..... Loved this car so much. Its a 1974 Toyota Corona MKII. Had the straight six in it. 4 speed manual. Some 16 year old decided to steal it one day. Left it beside a public pool, with sand poured in the petrol and oil tank, all the inside cut/smashed to pieces. All the tyres slashed etc. I got a red light camera picture sent to me.... took it to the police to have the charges waived. Also hoped they could identitify the driver. Which they were able to within seconds. However, the court decided that since he was underage, he wasn't able to pay me any money. He got a slap on the wrist and let loose. I however was left with nothing :( You have to wonder sometimes. Unfortunately, they wouldn't tell me who he was either
  13. Mort

    Brembo Upgrade?

    Buck, if you want the brakes, I say go for it. Just one thing though.... If Buck decided to mod his car up, then surely there would be an insurance issue as well wouldn't there? I'm not from Vic, and I'm well past my P plates.... Just something to think about. Is it really worth the hassle? These cars have plently of performance for a new driver imo. Just my 2 cents worth.
  14. Mort

    New Members Thread

    Guys, sorry to change the subject a little.... I have one of those Belkin FM transmitters for the Ipod.... but in every car I have tried it on, you get feedback from the car. ie: It kind of whistles..... I heard its from the alternator????? Anyway, this is the one I have..... but from what I have seen so far, I wouldn't buy it. http://catalog.belkin.com/IWCatProductPage...oduct_Id=390447 Cheers, and again, sorry for the subject change. Cheers, Mort
  15. RIP old boy!!! It's definately a sad world we live in nowadays. I was running through a whole bunch of youtube video's the other day.... came across this..... Just wish the cops could do something more about it. Would have loved to have seen the cop take his badge and gun off and smacked him one. Anyway..... All the best to the truckies family.

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