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  1. Happy Birthday Aaron_85!

  2. Happy Birthday Aaron_85!

  3. Happy Birthday Aaron_85!

  4. Happy Birthday Aaron_85!

  5. Happy Birthday Aaron_85!

  6. another vote for QBE when I got my typhoon (05 bamk2 in 07) I was 22 at the time, and had a claim 3 years ago(11 grand repairs), and 1,600 bucks a year, in richmond, NSW
  7. chain letters are so primary school...

  8. about to do this myself, a few questions do I need the ICC in and connected for the car to work? I have the premium sound - is it the same process? is it crucial that I disconnect the battery? cause my alarm will go postal if I do, can I just pull a fuse somewhere? When I reconnect, will I need a code to re-activate it or anything? thanks for any help people can offer!
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  10. unless you pull off the front bar (for the crash bar I think it is called) and or look fairly hard, no. (I have no backing on this other than my thoughts) I'm guessing that cutting the crash bar would be illegal as it forms an important part of the impact zone in the front, and you are cutting a seam which provides strength, although realistically I don't think it would make that much of a critical difference. the airbag sensor connects to a different bracket so that is unaffected. free tip for bending the aircon pipe - use a heat gun or high power hairdryer on low speed, and get the tube fairly warm - makes bending and not kinking it much easier
  11. I have the plazmaman 1200hp cooler on a typhoon, which I THINK is 90mm (not at home to measure ATM) and I had to cut a bit out of the bar that goes accross the front of the car underneath the bumper (donno what its called) and a bit outta the plastic fan shroud. I had to cut a little more out of the bar as depicted in this pic though (I think the guide is for the 1000hp cooler) these pics are from plazmaman
  12. RapidShare: 1-CLICK Web hosting - Easy Filehosting go nuts!
  13. I will re upload to my premium rapidshare acc so it can be downloaded mulitple times, forever!
  14. mine does it also. the 2 plastic clips are sh*t and it keeps coming of. also, the end of the mat curls up and gets stuck ontop of the clutch. so I stapled them to the floor :D
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