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  1. Morning, it was great to see Ford win Bathurst yesterday.
  2. Bizarre decision to race diesel utes, maybe it’s more popular then we think.
  3. I’m hoping to see Ford conquer mountain this year
  4. Wow, I have watched that movie in a while
  5. It’s a shame that Ford killed the falcon, the mustang looks good especially when supercharged. Pics attached as requested
  6. An Audi s6, though I still have my XY falcon which I dyno’d at the very first fordxr6turbo dyno day. how about you?
  7. Unfortunately no, I sold the car 15 years ago
  8. It’s great to see this forum going strong , I haven’t been on here in a very long time
  9. Happy Birthday chrislak!

  10. Happy Birthday chrislak!

  11. Happy Birthday chrislak!

  12. Happy Birthday Mrturbo!

  13. Happy Birthday *XR Baby*!

  14. Happy Birthday Hazy!

  15. Happy Birthday nick619!

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