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  1. Happy Birthday Hazy!

  2. Happy Birthday Hazy!

  3. Happy Birthday Hazy!

  4. Happy Birthday Hazy!

  5. I know this post is old but im hoping the moderating team member who started the post, can help me out with my question. I also have a front end creek in my T ute. how was yours resolved? I've greased all bushes I can see, had a pedders check done (Which was A++) and still nothing. its only when you pivot the wheel eg. reverse parking. creek feels like it comming through steering coloum now or something and is sh*tting me. have posted on the forum as new topic but no one could help me out. please someone help -_- Cheers, Hazyco
  6. I think I have a game plan of removing these as im goin to get them reset. jack under tow bar or diff, undo U clamps bolts etc. never done this before so if someone could give me some idea if you've removed these b4. tricks, tips and general guide would be awesome! know I need to replace shackle bushes when re-fitting them. Hope to hear from someone soon is I plan to do it sunday ready for monday. Cheers, Hazyco -_-
  7. Find out when I pull em out I guess. guy before me had it tuned and said they were standard plugs but could have bin re-gapped I guess. Cheers for the info. How about the muffler removal?
  8. hey guys, I have a 03 BA XR6T ute, and was wondering what effect I would get by removing standard plugs and putting in iridium 5's (.8mm gap) and removing a rear muffler. Ute has a custom tune already!. I've read a few articles to the effect of efficiency loss and basically you need a re-tune. I live in the country so doing a trip to the city is kinda out of the way. would be great to know what the outcome will be. Knowledge will be appreciated, Cheers, Hazyco -_-
  9. Anyone know the paint code for the inside door handles in the BA range? Cheers, Hazyco -_-
  10. Hazy

    Front End Creek?

    interesting! I'll try that over the weekend, I'll just try and tighten them back as best I can. I'll see if the bush looks knackered too. Cheers for that mate! I'll post again if that fails, then after that, get it checked out! Cheers, Hazyco -_-
  11. Hazy

    Front End Creek?

    yea right, sounds plauseable. I know the guys down there so hopefully they'll look after me if it major. Cheers for the info dillz! Anyone else to share info feel free, thanks in advance! Cheers, Hazyco -_-
  12. Hazy

    Front End Creek?

    Were they full of sh*t do you think? Did you have the creeking noise to? What did they replace? Cheers, Hazyco -_-
  13. Havent posted anything for a while, hey again! Okay, so on slow turning, eg reversing up to the kerb im getting a creek noise from the front end of me BA xr6t ute! I let it go for a bit but now on occasions its doing it going around a corner. Just wondering if anyone could give me a diagnosis or a list of things to check? im guessing its a suspension component but unsure. Ute has done 112000 kms, and in general very well looked after. thinking also about getting the 'pedders 28 point' suspension check at trident, anyone recomend these checks by them? Hope someone can point me in the right direction. Cheers, Hazyco -_-
  14. Hazy

    What Is This?

    Just wondering if anyone knew what this is? I saw it the first time when I done a service on my ute. Ute has a stainless exhaust from APS when I bought it. Testing my memory a bit but it was roughly located on the passenger side under carrage. Bolted on the chassis by the looks of the photo. Pic was done on me phone so, sorry about the poor quality. Curious as to what it is. Cheers, Hazyco
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