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  1. Happy Birthday martaw!

  2. Happy Birthday martaw!

  3. Happy Birthday martaw!

  4. Happy Birthday martaw!

  5. I dont care who wins the election as long as Green Left dont mess with our cars. They are the ones who want to limit horse power and make us all drive electric hybrids.
  6. Mine is two this month. In that time I have done 50,000 km's @ an average of 12.2 ltr per 100km's - (Fuel records not the computer) I use mostly 95 and some 98 when I can get it. The 50,000 is a mix of city / country driving @ good speeds and some slower in trafic stuff . Hope that helps
  7. martaw


    I want to see only one thing...........choc full of
  8. I had to wait 5 months to get a manual with premium sound, the girlie shifter was a 3 month wait................the extra 2 months were worth it in the end.
  9. I did the trip (Canberra to Gold Coast) last school holidays - went the coast route because we had to vist family on the central coast. Had no hassles and enjoyed the run. The highway isnt perfect but they have improved it heaps over the last ten years. Motels at Nambucca (on the way up) and Port Macquarie (on the way home) were cheap & easy to book.
  10. If she didnt do it or have knowledge of the drugs then how did the crooks know to make a purpose built double vacuumed sealed plastic bag that contained the magic weed and still neatly have it fitted inside her double boogie board bag? Guilty - do the crime and now your doin the time
  11. martaw

    Short Shift

    I fitted one and have had no problems. The whole shifting action just feels heaps more precise - where as the factory shifter felt loose . The service dept did a deal and fitted it for $450. Money well spent.
  12. Out of intrest does anyone know what the head to head sales figures fo XR6T vs SS have been? I'm just curious to see - on the road my gut feeling is that the t is killing the ss something like 2 to 1.
  13. You got the good one - your screen is in color......
  14. You forgot to mention that your dad works in marketing for GMH................
  15. I wonder how the people he upset with his "They desreved it" comments feel now?

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