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  1. f6rspec

    WAW Ver2

    Fever Phoon should be there
  2. f6rspec

    Exhaust=engine Light

    Good to see you're finally welding that bung for the 2nd O2 sensor in like someone suggested nearly 12 months ago Feebs :angel:
  3. They'll just do something with the cat design to pass emission testing rather than cut into profit margins with expensive alloy blocks.
  4. f6rspec

    Fastest Tune Only Bf Auto

    I believe 12.37 is the quickest. Your 12.38 just misses out
  5. f6rspec

    [wa] Cruise 29th Of March

    Why thanking you, kind sir. I am very humbled knowing that someone has noticed. Pity you couldn't get the spelling of 'grammar' correct in your last post or I would have passed on congratulations to you also my friend.
  6. f6rspec

    [wa] Cruise 29th Of March

    Yes, snapped one off in the men's room about 5mins ago!
  7. f6rspec

    Best 2k To Spend On A Mk1 Xr, 4 Sp Auto

    Tune, Flash box, F6 snorkel, centre muffler removal & injectors can be had for $2k mate. Shop around If you're saying you have a total budget of $16k then just spend the lot on the car & save for later mods.
  8. f6rspec

    [wa] Cruise 29th Of March

    No, you'll be helping me push my car up the driveway again when it snaps something! Haha
  9. f6rspec


    Is that how you got a 300+rwhp sheet for the EF??
  10. f6rspec

    WAW Ver2

    Who's going next week? Anyone running Hi Tech's next month?? hay did u break something last nite f62 Yes. Stop speaking to myself
  11. f6rspec

    [wa] Cruise 29th Of March

    I'm loved by many Will also be attending first meet then heading to AHG.
  12. f6rspec

    [wa] Cruise 29th Of March

    You weren't sent one for a reason

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