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  1. Fever Phoon should be there
  2. Good to see you're finally welding that bung for the 2nd O2 sensor in like someone suggested nearly 12 months ago Feebs :angel:
  3. They'll just do something with the cat design to pass emission testing rather than cut into profit margins with expensive alloy blocks.
  4. I believe 12.37 is the quickest. Your 12.38 just misses out
  5. Why thanking you, kind sir. I am very humbled knowing that someone has noticed. Pity you couldn't get the spelling of 'grammar' correct in your last post or I would have passed on congratulations to you also my friend.
  6. Yes, snapped one off in the men's room about 5mins ago!
  7. Tune, Flash box, F6 snorkel, centre muffler removal & injectors can be had for $2k mate. Shop around If you're saying you have a total budget of $16k then just spend the lot on the car & save for later mods.
  8. No, you'll be helping me push my car up the driveway again when it snaps something! Haha
  9. f6rspec


    Is that how you got a 300+rwhp sheet for the EF??
  10. Who's going next week? Anyone running Hi Tech's next month?? hay did u break something last nite f62 Yes. Stop speaking to myself
  11. I'm loved by many Will also be attending first meet then heading to AHG.
  12. You weren't sent one for a reason

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