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  1. Happy Birthday berzerker!

  2. Happy Birthday berzerker!

  3. Aprilia RSV1000R
  4. Happy Birthday berzerker!

  5. Happy Birthday berzerker!

  6. Too late dude everything paid for, notice given at work... well it cant be any harder than trying to get a job all the way from Brisbane, so ill see how I go. I know its a risk but f*ck it ill give it a go. Got enough cash to last a few months and if it runs out, ill drive back
  7. Im arriving 2nd April guys and car will be waiting when I get there. Still need accomodation if anyone can help out.
  8. Quote was $1430... that's down from $1900 for my last quote so thanks pal and ill be filling the car up im only taking what I can fit into the car.. rest of my sh*t getting put into a shipping container and stored at a mates for now.
  9. Haha I thought thatd be a touchy subject.. :f*ckyou: Yeah im not too bothered, anywhere will do for a start till I get my bearings
  10. Thanks panda ill be calling them asap and yeah ciaran that's the sort of thing ill need to get settled once I'm there, cheers ill phone them too.. Any thoughts on living north of the river or south?
  11. Hey guys So I live in Brisbane and have been after a mining or drillers offsider job for about 3 months now. Im pretty much fed up with sending thousands of emails and making hundreds of calls so im heading over to try my luck probably within about 8 weeks if I can get my sh!t together quickly and organise the logistics of the plan.. My plan is to try to have a accommodation and a temp forklift or truck job either lined up for when I get there or soon after to tide me over while I scout the drillers/mine jobs. Ive got forklift LF and LO and HR and first aid and im 32. As well ill want my car there and will be organising to have it trucked over to be there when I get there. So basically if anyones got any helpful info on: - Where to live (if youve got a room let me know!) - Who to transport my car over - Easy to get labouring/forklift job for the short term - Anything else I need to know like transferring car rego and that kind of stuff ​Ive met a bunch of the brisbane blokes from here and vouch for me if youve got a spare room or anything for the time being. Cheers for any info guys! Tim. I
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