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  1. Happy Birthday bda12pleaseu!

  2. Happy Birthday bda12pleaseu!

  3. Happy Birthday bda12pleaseu!

  4. Happy Birthday bda12pleaseu!

  5. I think it is the check valve in the pump gunna pull it out this weekend.
  6. ummm that's a good point, shoulda listed them, FG F6 bottom end, custom 98 cal edit, intank walbro, IC, nizpro plenum, nizpro valve spings, no new mods I can link it to since it started acting up,
  7. Hey all, just wondering if anyone else has come across the same prob as me, when starting the engine appears to wind over for quite some time before it fires. this only happens after it hasent been driven for a while like 8hrs or so. it seems like a fuel prob me, like the line is not primed or something. as always any words of wisdom appriciated. cheers
  8. fair point, although in my case it wasnt that easy I had a dirty great big hole in my block so I only need a new bottom end.
  9. hey guys, I myself have done a fg f6 bottom end conversion into my ba using a shorty from ford. its quite simple if you have ever built a engine this should be a piece of piss. every thing you use is for ba/bf the only things that really require change /mod is the main cap girdle which is noticable in differance upon inspection. using the ba/bf sump you plug the FG dipstick location in new block and punch out rivet in the BA/BF location. modify the engine mount bracket mildly which just requires a lil bit surgery (cutting) you can see where while attempting to fit. the rest is a sinch remember to buy/ use all ba/bf parts and you will have no probs fyi the FG F6 bottom end is stronger and cheaper from ford. the reason I was told by ford is that they trying to make a selling point by saying buying a new car replacement parts are cheaper. just another ford con if you ask me but meh I got what I wanted.
  10. Happy Birthday bda12pleaseu!

  11. Ok so there could advantaged as the atomic 1 is thicker but that's as far as visual differences go
  12. To be honest I don't know and don't know there could be a pic on there web. I will check it out
  13. Yes the sump fits but as well as above mods the dip stick hole ay the front is plugged just punch it out. Yes fg f6 short comes with girdle
  14. Also a hole needs to be added for the dipstick to go through it again u can see this when u compare them
  15. The sump in the Ba has no clearance for the baffle at no 6 cylinder so there is none there. As for the fg this isn't an issue so all cylinders have a baffle. I'm in the process of changing Ba to fg f6 bottom end hence how I know all u have to do is cut away the baffle part with tin snip its clear when you compare them what needs to be done . Also a point to make out here is nearly all fg parts are cheaper because ford want us to buy new cars instead of repairing old ones. I found this out when the price I received for a bf typhoon short motor was 300 dollers dearer and the fg is better any way. Hope this clears things up.
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